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Parrot Pile-Up™ Game

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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I played this game with my 2 cousins (F8 & F5) and we laughed a lot because everything kept falling and we couldn't even stack up all the fruits and the crates. We didn't bother trying to move the raft when we played, we just tried our best to stack and move on to the next person. Bananas were hard to stack but the crates were the easiest part.



I like to try and get them on all by myself. I like that its a pirate parrot and I can use the toys on my pirate ship.



I like this game cause you have to balance the fruit and boxes on the parrot's raft. You have to be careful when you stack them. Its also fun cause you can play it different ways - wobble and non-wobble.


Liz H.

I have been so surprised by how much my kids have loved playing this game. Even my 10yr old daughter had a great time playing with her little brother (6 yrs). It is a very simple and fairly priced game. It is great for little ones to work on strategy and fine motor skills. I thought they may find it a little boring, but they have had a ball playing it, and the game has generated a lot of laughter. We have altered some of the rules (e.g. didn't really see the point to moving the raft from player to player; often don't use the beach cards; play with the pivot ball out when playing on the carpet). This has been a great game to work on my son's (M5) fine motor skills, as he has to plan where to put and balance objects.

Rachel P.

This game is a lot of fun and easy to follow. Basically, pile up all the crates and fruits on the parrot raft and push it to the next player. If anything falls, the person pushing must claim an item. The person who gets rid of all the cargo first wins. The game play is rather fast so the kids (F6) don't get bored waiting their turn. It provides educational value: it teaches kids about balance and weight distribution and it enhances fine motor skills.

Lisa G.

We liked this stacking game because of the irregular shaped items and pirate theme. Zahra (F6) liked to challenge herself and try to stack items herself as well.

Sylvie S.

The kids (M4 & F6) like this game but find it pretty challenging so it is not their favorite game.

Julie J.

A cute novelty game, but not enough appeal to make it into our rotation of board games we regularly play as a family. We played it about 5 times (including once with the pivot point out to make the raft tippy). The girls are OK with playing a round or two of it, but definitely don't want to play many back to back games as it seems to bore them. To carefully balance the items is definitely harder than it looks. The beach card included in the kit seems completely unnecessary. The instructions indicate to put it on the table in front of you with all of your objects and then the players pass the raft to each others "beach port" card, we played without the card and just passed it to each other via the table. We also first played with the raft in the middle of the table to get the hang of the game, before adding in the moving the raft around to each other.


Manufacturer Description

Parrot Pile-Up™ provides a heaping helping of fun that tests a player’s hand and balance coordination. In this tropical-themed game of skill and action, players must carefully stack exotic island fruit and crates as high as possible on a clumsy parrot\'s raft. Once all items are stacked, it must be carefully “floated” with a careful push to the next player. A steady hand is key to prevent a Parrot Pile-Up™ table-topple! If the stack falls off the raft, the player doing the pushing picks up the pieces and must claim one. The first player to get rid of all their cargo wins. Difficulty can be modified by tilting the raft or leaving it level to accommodate different skill levels. Includes one parrot, a raft, twenty stackable items and four playing cards.

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