Age: 6 years and up

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Quite possibly the most popular toy we tested this year! The goal for this complex 3D marble maze, is to work your marble from start to finish through a series of 100 numbered challenge spots. It'll definitely take a number of tries to master, but the numbered track means you can chart and compare your progress. A huge hit with the whole family. NOTE: While we did have a few younger testers enjoy this, the challenge is more easily mastered by older kids and adults.




This is my favourite toy testing toy so far. I'm really glad we got it, although daddy plays with too much. I'm getting good at getting the ball to the end of the level. It is hard sometimes.



This is really fun. I love that's it a labyrinth. that's really cool and the best part...I did better than my mom! yeah!!


Kim M.


Perplexus really is a toy for all ages. It's one of those toys that you can easily pick up for a few minutes every day. The play sessions for the kids as well as the adults are not long, but this toy seems enduring. It is oddly addictive. This would fit in quite well on our toy shelf. It would work really well up at a cottage, where it would be used frequently and could be used by everyone. Although the dome of Perplexus is made of plastic, it has held up well to the rigours of play. In fact, Perplexus has been dropped accidentally a number of times on our floors and there is no damage. Initially, it was difficult to see the numbers (any older adults, would definitely need good lighting and their reading glasses :) ) and determine the right path to follow. However, the learning curve is quite quick and you become easily sucked into the maze and the challenge of beating your own score. This is a good game for those competetive types who like to always beat their previous score! The younger children were not able to follow the maze in sequence, but still had fun trying to get from one level to the next. It did become frustrating for a couple of the younger children (ages 5, 6) who could read the numbers and knew where they wanted to get to, but couldn't.

Marie-Lise H.


I brought the Perplexus ball on a little trip we did on the weekend, the boys enjoyed taking turns playing the game and the noise of the ball rolling around was not too aggravating in the car. While we where at the pic nic site, 2 kids came over when Kaï was playing with the perplexus and asked what it was and they each took a few turns playing until their parents ( who where on the table next to us ) called them to eat. so it can be used as an icebreaker between kids. On a side note, I am totally stuck on level 30. I don't see 31 anywhere so I don't know where to turn. also I tired looking it up on the web and 2 sites show how to finish the puzzle but where I am stuck was always away from the camera. arghhhh

Tamara S.


Even though I can do the whole thing it is fun to do it again because it is still enough of a challenge to do.


Manufacturer Description

Perplexus is a bendy, trendy, can’t-put-it-down challenge!!! With 100 barriers, twists, turns, barriers, cliffhangers and more, Perplexus is the ultimate 3-D challenge! The entire experience will leave you perplexed and entertained all at the same time. If you make it to the end, pat yourself on the back...then go go get the next Perplexus challenge: Swervy Mervy or Brain Cramp. Can your beat them all?

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  • Dificulty Level 6