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Perplexus Twist™

Busy Life, LLC

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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This maze was very aggravating, as usual (but fun). It's really cool that you're able to turn the maze to match up the tracks. Sometimes you can trap the ball to make it easier to turn it over for the next part of the maze.



I think this is my favorite Perplexus yet. In a way it is easier than the other ones because it has less levels ( 30 something instead of over 80 or so ) but it's harder because you have to turn half of the globe so the number of the ramp you want is not always at the same place. Great puzzles and I even found shortcuts like little hidden passages, it's really fun!



This Perplexus is a bit harder than the other one I played with, but I like how you can twist the ball to make the tracks change. Sometimes it's hard to see where the ball has to go. I think I like the other one better.



I still really like to play with the Perplexus twist. I still find it a challenge even thought I have gotten to the end of the labyrinth a few times. If the ball gets stuck you just have to hit the side of the outer dome to release it, but you have to be careful if you hit too hard the little ball will fall out of the path and you have to start again. The colors are OK, but the blue and white edition was still fun.



It's extremely hard for me so I don't really like to play it. If you get through the whole thing it's fun. I like the other types of Perplexus better. The first one is the best.



It was interesting to have a new puzzle, but it can't beat the classic perplexes.



The twisting means you have to figure out where the path is and this makes it more challenging.


Iwona V.

This is the most challenging Perplexus we've tried. The challenge is that the tracks move. As you're going through the maze, you get stuck at a dead end and need to move [twist] the tracks to continue. Very difficult, very challenging, but still fun. Only frustrating thing is that I found it hard to see the numbers on the tracks (to show you where to go next on the maze). Like all other Perplexus', we'll keep trying until we get to the end - we can't put the toy down - my girls (5, 9) love the challenge.

Golda W.


This version of the maze is more complicated than the original, and my children of varying ages find it more frustrating to play, although they still enjoy it in short spurts. It's great that there are so many places where you can jump back on the maze, otherwise it would be almost impossible!

Marie-Lise H.


Most of my kids loved the bright colors, I had younger children come to our house and be drawn to the ball, now, they could not do much with it, they had fun turning it and just watching the mechanisms move. Sébastien ( 11) is my main labyrinth lover, he did not find much difference with the colors, he loves all the Perplexux. The 2 parts of the sphere who move independently of each other, I found it quite hard to find the next numbered ramp to go to, Sébastien loved the challenge even more, and there are ways to make the ball skip onto other ramps,I could only do it as a fluke but Sebastien was quite good at it. Overall a great addition to the line.

Joyce S.


Like all the previous perplexus versions, this toy never gets put away. It sits in my living room and is constantly played with. This version is not as difficult as the previous version and we really like the twist part. Great toy!


Manufacturer Description

Perplexus Twist™ from PlaSmart Inc. is the hotly anticipated new addition to the popular Perplexus marble maze game family. Perplexus Twist will challenge and excite players like no other brainteaser has before with the addition of an exciting new ‘twist’ – a new fourth dimension – that requires a player to twist and realign the tracks to escape traps, decoys, and cliffhangers. A fascinating new dimension for the Perplexus family! Perplexus is the world’s first 3D and 4D marble maze games where players maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a large-sized transparent sphere. Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes that are composed of one path, Perplexus challenges players like no maze has before with numerous paths to choose from and dozens of barriers to  overcome offering hours of entertainment and fun.  Players can race each other or the clock.  In addition to being an entertaining game, Perplexus is a great tool for cognitive development, encouraging children  to exercise their problem-solving, motor and dexterity skills, as well as improving their hand-eye coordination.  

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