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Pinkie Pie RC Car

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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One of the more popular girly RCs we've seen. Our testers particularly loved the headlight, which took play into the shadows underbeds and inside closets. Parents loved that it doubles as an "ON" indicator. Another popular feature was the music that plays while operating the car - especially becasue it could also be turned off when silent play is preferred (hold down both directional buttons for 10 seconds). There were, however, two complaints: difficulty steering and that the pony kept falling out. There's no seatbelt, but the car has floor pegs onto which you can secure the little hole in the pony's right front hoof. Unfortunately, doing this is a little finicky for 3 year old hands to manage. As for driving, two-directional steering (intended to simply operation), is common in RCs for this age group. Most of the time preschoolers are happy to bump and crash the cars, but parent testers for this car expressed their childrens' frustration over not beign able to steer better. Still, this was a very popular RC toy and our testers loved giving their ponies and other play figures rides all through the house. 




The car doesnt go the right way! Pony needs to sit down but keeps falling off. I like the baby pony and she plays with the big mommy ponies.



The pink car is fun, all my ponies love going for rides.



A car for girls!  Woohoo!!!!!  But how come no people in it?



I really like my pony car. It is strong enough to pull other cars behind it like a train. The pony falls out when the car crashes, maybe it should have a seatbelt or something. I showed my brother (m16m) how to use it and now we can play together. I hope mom gets me one for my birthday.


Tammy W.


The toy didnt get played with much and when the girls did play with it, they played with the pony with their bigger ponies or with the car without the pony because the pony does not sit well in the seat. The toy is difficult to control but the music is entertaining.

Krista M.


Both of my daughters loved this car, however we already have the pony airplane at home and the car and plane ran on the same frequency so we could not use both at the same time. My 15m old daughter played with it more then my 3 yr old daughter, although neither of them were able to properly drive the car. The controls fit in little hands well and are simple, but there is only a forward and a turn, so the car spends a lot of time crashing and spinning in circles. The novelty was still very high and lot's of fun for both of my girls.

Ann L.


Emma plays with the Pinkie Pie RC Car alot.  She fills the car up with 4 or 5 ponies or other animals and gives then rides.  Aside from being a loud toy, I have grown to like this toy.

Cathy M.


Cute car for girls, sturdy, has survived being dropped and thrown a few times.  The pony does not sit well in car and the reverse button on the remote makes the car go quick 360s.  My daughter enjoyed the music and noises.

Jennifer L.


By far the best remote control car I've had for anyone of my children (M16m, F5, M7). It was a battle to see who could use it first and we had to give each child a time frame to play. Even though this toy is pink, both my boys loved playing with it, too, and there was always another child running after the car and lots of laughter coming out of the living room when they were playing. It is so easy to manoeuver that my son (m1) can use it. I love the little working headlight and love love love that you can turn the sound effects off from the remote for a quieter version. The lights on the car made it fun to make the car go into closets and under beds. It also made it really easy for me to notice when it had be left on fter a play session so that I could turn it off to save the batteries. I've had this car for 2 months, it has been played with every day and left on for several hours and the batteries are still good in it. I am impressed!


Manufacturer Description

BEEP! BEEP! Look out! PINKIE PIE zooms into town in her car! Even if she’s in a hurry, she always has time to give her friends a ride. Hop in and go for a spin with PINKIE PIE! PINKIE PIE keeps her pony friends laughing and smiling all day! Cheerful and playful, she always looks on the bright side.

Join in the fun as your PINKIE PIE pony figure drives her special car, and you decide where she goes! The special decorations and bright colors make her car into a stylish ride, and your PINKIE PIE pony figure is ready to get going. There’s always room for friends (sold separately). The remote control lets you send her zooming off to visit new places, and then she can come back to you, her very best friend! Vehicle comes with pony figure and remote control.

SAFETY CAUTION: Hair entanglement may result if child's hair comes in contact with moving parts of toy. Adult supervision is required.

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  • pony figure


  • Car moves forward and turns