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Pixel Pops™ Sticker Design Studios

The Orb Factory Limited

Age: 7 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $9.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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Like Sticky Mosaics for older kids. These self-sticking foam cubes are about twice as thick as the original Sticky Mosaic tiles, but with a base that covers only about a third of the area. In fact, they're quite small, and definitely require more fine motor control than the original sets. It helps that there's a very handy tool included, that fits around the cube, separating it from the others around it. But most of our testers still had difficulty. A small twist removes the cube from its backing paper, ready to stick on your creation-in-progress. The tool is also a big help positioning the cube exactly where it's supposed to go - so much easier than fingers getting in the way! Nevertheless, many testers had difficulty positioning the stickers, especially near the end of teh project when they ran out of roomm, and pieces needed to be suqished together to fit - causing an uneven picture surface. 




I like the designs and I like that they are stickers that you can put anywhere. They stick really good. It's fun to make the pictures but it's really hard to get them straight and have enough room for every piece. You really have to take your time to place them just right or else there's no room to put the other pieces. I did a lot of them and put them all over my school agenda bag. They're really colourful.



The box says it is for 7 year olds. There is no way. I got really frustrated and was so upset doing it because it was hard and the individual pieces were hard to get out of the squares and put on that little needle. My picture also was not neat and that was upsetting. I think it would be too much to ask someone younger than me to do this type of art. I love art but this activity is too picky. I had a hard time taking the squares out of the sheet and putting them on the picture. I do not know how to handle the sheet of stickers well. I do not really like how the picture came out either. I did the dog first and it really does not look like a dog, but mom says it does. Not my favourite activity.



It's really fun and easy to do. I even made my own picture of Deadpool, he is so cool. It's a fun craft and now i have to find a good place to stick him.



My iPad is so pretty now and i made the sticker!



I don't like it. i can't line up the dots and my picture is crooked.



What a great little craft! I especially liked making my own patterns, I made a pixel pop that looked just like me!


Tammy W.

This is not an easy craft for f7 and f5. The stick used to pick up the pieces is quite small. The craft is not as easy as it looks and requires delicate placement of the pieces. It was somewhat frustrating for the girls to place the stickers properly. It seems when they were near the end of the sticker design, they ran out of room for the final few pieces and had to squeeze them in between the others which left parts of the finished product raised. This wasn't a favourite craft but it was still intriguing. The final products stick very well onto different material. They chose to stick the final product onto their school agendas. They have yet to try to copy the picture design onto a sticker or make their own design but I think that may prove to be quite difficult considering the templated stickers were trying. It seems the best way to pick up the pieces is by pushing straight down on them with the stick and sliding them to the side and up instead of just lifting them straight up. It's a neat variation of the sticky mosaics and the girls enjoy the craft. I like the ziploc bag to keep the pieces together.

Orietta M.

Not a good toy for my daughter and she is very creative. She wanted to do it right away but then was upset because it provided her more grief then it was worth. She did complete some of the pictures that were provided in the kit but the sticky squares really were difficult to take out with that small device and she threw a bunch out because they got all sticky together. The pictures were not the quality she was hoping for and she really scrutized how the picture looked. She was not impressed with the final copy. She did stick the squares she completed to her binders from school.

Marie Lise H.


Mia (12) tends to not have a lot of patience, she had no trouble with this craft. She found that by removing the outer square it was easy to pick up the smaller squares inside followed the coloured example for her first square and then made her own picutre after. The tool worked fine. Kai(11) started his design before going to bed and just could not stop until he finish a Deadpool face. There are a lot of supplies included, it surprised me how much fun they had out of such a simple idea.


Manufacturer Description

Create Pixeleated pictures to decorate your phone, books, and more! Use the templates or create your own unique styles.

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# 71417

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