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Pizza Mania™ Early Math Game

Learning Resources, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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This is a really attractive game, and all the more appealing since you're playing with 'real' components instead of just cards, or paper disks. In fact, the pizzas and toppings are nice enough to double for imaginary kitchen play when you're not actually playing the game. The game itself does what's intended - helps kids practice counting, however, the loud music sometimes made it difficult to hear the instructions given by the pizza chef. Most enjoyed by kids who still find counting quickly a challenge.




I liked playing this game with my sister and Nanny. I liked putting on the pepperonis. I liked playing the fast game! It was super fun! The pizza man makes me laugh!



I can make pizzas just like the man says. I'm good too, I win a lot, but I don't like it when he makes me do a pizza with all olives. That's yucky!



Look at all the stuff on my pizza!  I like pepperoni the best! 



I'm really good at this game, and I wish it would go faster because it's fun when you have to find the pepperonis really fast before the pizza man tells you to do something else.  We play the fast way and I still win.



This toy makes me want to dance. I like to dance when i hear the music. I follow the directions the man tells me to do. I like the way I make the pizza's.



I like the music the chef plays.

- Andrew


I like to dance when i hear the music. I follow the directions the man tells me to do. I like the way I make the pizza's.


Tammy W.


I love the quality of the pizza and toppings - virtually indestructible and easy to grab! Blaze M5 loved playing with it until he realized he won every single time and then he got tired of it being so easy. Ava F3 loved the music and creating her own pizzas with the toppings. I think the game is quite limited to a specific age group (4 yrs). I played the game with my 4 year old nephew and it seemed to be just challenging enough for him. All in all, I had a lot of children play the game and the younger ones really loved making their own pizzas! The music is too loud for the voice so it is hard to understand what the chef is saying so we really had to concentrate.

Liz H.


This is a fantastic little game. It is compact, educational and children love playing it! It is excellent for learning early math concepts of addition and subtraction. In addition, children need to attend and follow the instructions. I love how the 'pizza man' reviews which toppings should be left on your pizza at the end of the game. Children then check for themselves to see if they were successful with following the instructions.



I like this game. My son really seemed to enjoy it and I liked that he was learning to add and substract without any effort. The games only last a few minutes, so it's easy to squeeze in some quality playing time in a busy schedule.

I suspect this game is perfect for early school aged children, but more than likely, the interest would fade as the kids get older. The game would get too easy, despite the fact that alternative rules are offered for more advance players.

The sound quality isn't great for pizza making instructions, but the music in the background doesn't have that irritating factor, so I think I can deal with less than perfect sound quality.

Orietta M.


I really like this little toy. It is fun and exciting and puts a real twist on how to make pizza. We had a blast with the music. It sounds so life like. The pieces are life like and almost look real to eat.

Jo M.


The kids lost interest in this game very fast. Connor, Kierra and Hailee played Game 1. The Pizza chef tells you what toppings to add and remove from your pizza. Hailee (3) lost interest fast and just created a pizza of her choice. Connor (6) and Kierra (5) completed the game and had the ingredients right so won. Then we moved to game 2 which is the same game but faster and Kierra lost interest but Connor completed it and won. They haven't played the game again but Kierra and Hailee they like to pretend to have a pizza shop and make pizzas for customers. The game came with storage bags for the ingredients and the pizzas. The quality of the game and pieces is great.


Manufacturer Description

Order up! This chef expects his pizza makers to expand their minds and think fast! Chef calls out toppings for children to put on (and take off) their pizzas. A tasty way to practice counting, addition, subtraction and listening skills. Even the most reluctant learner will love reaching for delicious pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and peppers (48 pieces in all). Two levels of play for additional challenge. Includes 4 pizzas and talking chef. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. 

How to Play:

Hand out a pizza to each player

• Chef calls out the order: “Add 3 olives; take away 1 pepperoni”

• After 1 minute, Chef calls out what toppings the pizzas should have

• All players with the correct toppings win!

Model Number

LER 6954

Year Introduced



  • 4 Pizzas


  • 2 Game modes