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Play Art Potter's Wheel

Bojeux Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $34.99

Production Status: In Stores

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We have yet to see a battery-run potter's wehel with eough power to to the job a potter's wheel needs to do - and this one is no exception. Our testers also complained about the clay provided saying it was too dry and crumbly to shape, and had a greyish tint that diluted the paint colour. 




I tried using the pottery wheel but the clay kept sliding off.  so the wheel was not much fun.  I would try to keep it n the wheel but I gave up and just made a bowl.  The colors did not show up very well, I tried to do 2 coats but we would not have enough to finish. the clay in the box was not totally white like the picture it was more gray and the colors didn't show up on it.  I used paint we had downstairs and it worked better



the vase didn't work out by using the wheel so instead i made it by hand. also, they didn't tell you to add water to the clay to make it softer so for about ten minutes i was trying to soften the clay without success.



the clay was not very good quality. it was very messy and the wheel was cheaply made. if you got clay on the wheel, your clay pot you were making would fall off. clay kept cracking.



I don't know if the potter's wheel would be good to use because the clay that came with the kit was too dry and crumbly to use.  I would try this again with better clay.



At first it seemed really fun and I couldn't wait to do it.  But once I tried it, it was really hard to keep the clay stuck onto the wheel, and if you tried to shape it, you had to press hard,  But, if you press hard the clay breaks on the wheel stops. 



I did not like this activity.  It did not work.  I worked on a vase for a long time and it broke right away.



really didn't like it.  the wheel did not work very well, if I put the clay on the wheel it would turn but if I touched it it would make a funny noise and start skipping.   I finished by making a bowl just using my hand and not hte wheel.



It was a bit tricky to work with the clay. But, it was a huge success at the end. My project turned out well. The spinner helps out a lot. And, I am looking forward to painting my project afterwards.



I tried using the pottery wheel but the clay kept sliding and the clay in the box was not totally white like the picture it, was more gray and the colors didn't show up on it.


Jennifer B.


Not my favorite toy. Caused quite a mess. the end product was not any different than what the kids could make without the wheel. Easy to clean the toy at the end and put away, but what a mess to clean up from what I remember.

Joyce S.


We were very excited about this craft but it didn't meet our expectations.  The pottery wheel was difficult to use and that's the main part of this toy.  We ended up shaping the clay by hand.  Disappointed.

Randi M.


This product was a fail from the beginning. In fairness, we never got to test the potter's wheel. The clay that came with the kit was dry and brittle and could not be formed in preparation for making anything.

Marie-Lise H.

The second we put pressure on the clay, the motor from the wheel would grind so we would have to stop. I appreciate the fact that the wheel can't be to powerful, it's only 4 batteries, but I would have liked to mold the clay a little bit.


Manufacturer Description

As young as 8 years of age, become a pottery ace thanks to the Potter's Wheel. You can create vases, glasses and a lot of toher things. Once your pieces of pottery are ready, let the artist inside color them. 

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  • 4 color paint rail for clay