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Play Art Sun Catcher

Bojeux Inc.

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $9.99

MSRP (USD): $10.99

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Our kid-testers loved painting these plastic sun catchers (two are porvided), and then admiring the sun shining through as they hang in a window. Parents report that the suction cups are quality enough to keep the sun catchers from falling off the window, and the paint remains vibrant and intact - no fading or peeling. The only complaint is the price - some parents felt it a bit high compared to similar crafts. 




I love painting! This was a nice project I did with my mum. I have one hanging on my window in my room and another one on the glass door! Love how the sun shines thru it in different colours!



I really like the sun catcher I made beacause the colors look really nice in the sun.



I love painting!  I painted the elephant and giraffe animals and used all the colours and now they're hanging in the window so the sun makes them really shiny.  I love the colours.



These were so fun to paint. The stain glass window looks beautiful on my window. I like how the sun shines throw the picture. It was easy to do and I have a beautiful painting now.



This was easy for me to do. I did a great job. I painted the hippo red and the elephant green. I like to paint these pictures. It looks nice when it is finished and hanging.




It wasn't a lot of fun but it looks really nice in the window because there's lots of colours.  I did the fish one and Ava did the animal one.   You have to make sure there's no water on your brush because then the colours dont show good on the craft.



I like the colours and when the sun shines, it's like a rainbow. Both of the suncatchers are on the window in my kitchen.


Orietta M.


I enjoyed watching my children with this activity. They took good care to make their window panes look beautiful. They were very involved in the work and were proud of their accomplishment. Great creative activity to keep them occupied.

Marta W.


The sun catcher adds instant colour and charm to any room! Colourful art glass framed in sturdy lead-free plastic that includes optional suction cup hanger. Very easy to assemble and lots of fun for my daughter to create. Shapes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and every shade in-between... will dance about the room. The effect was absolutely spectacular!

Ann L.


The sun catcher craft is great, Emma (almost 5) really enjoyed doing them. It really is an all in one project. The only negative aspect of this toy is the price.  If I was in the store looking at this toy, unfortunatly I would not buy it bassed on the price.

Kim M.


To my surprise, both suncatchers remain on the window - they have not fallen down and none of the paint has peeled off nor faded.  In terms of design, the "animal" theme seems a little infantile for 5 year olds.  The undersea theme is age appropriate. 

Chantelle M.

Other Relative

A good, interactive toy; quite colourful and easy to do.  It would be great to have different sized suncatchers and instead of 2, it would be nice to have 4 included in the kit.  This is a fun activity to do together - so having 2 paintbrushes would be better.  It took about 45 minutes to complete one of the suncatchers - Meaghan (5) loves painting and really look her time in completing this.  It will be intersting to see if it remains hanging on the window and if the colours fade over time. 

Tammy W.


although the quality of this craft is quite good i feel there is nothing exceptional about the suncatchers and find the cost too high. it was a very quick and simple craft but they look great in the windows!


Manufacturer Description

As soon as you're 5 years of age, get the sun catcher and start being a great artist! Create yourself small stained-glass windows using two models of the box and the paint. In no time, you will create a masterpiece that will light your roon in thousands of colors.

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