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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $16.99

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" I like play doh and princesses. I like making their dresses super fancy. Belle is the best one."



I can make long ribbons for Rapunzel's dress with the pink play doh. I can squish the sparkly purple on too so she has a pretty dress.


Lisa G.

Zahra (F6) loves playdoh and was eager to try making dresses. She liked the idea of making her own designs on the dresses, but I think she got frustrated that she had to dismantle them immediately before the doh dried out, and didn't ask for it again. I think her reaction might be atypical - a more easy going child may not mind. It's great for working on patterns, but Zahra asks for help often with extruders.

Krista M.

This was a new design for a play doh set, and was a really big hit with my daughters (F3, F5) and daycare kids (F4, F6, M4) who had fun creating dresses and styling the Princesses ball gowns. The recommended age is pretty accurate - the soft play doh goes through the syringe very easily, which is a great improvement for my 3 year old. The design is fun, nice big dresses, a lot of cut outs and the base has doors to open to reveal the dress which is a fun new element. There are a lot of pieces to cut out dresses, mold them on, add ribbons and press doh for other accessories. The Princesses are revealed once the dress is created. While the soft play doh that comes with the set made it easier for my three year old daughter to to push the doh through the ribbon maker, it does make for a bit of a messier clean up because the soft play doh sticks a lot more and is harder to remove from the base when trying to clean it. Also, there are a lot of parts that do not store on the base as in other sets, so storage was a little more effort. But it was worth it to have them so enraptured for over half an hour at one time.

Christina B.

Lily (3.5), who is a huge fan of princesses, was thrilled that she could design dresses for Belle and Rapunzel out of Play-doh, and that there were two ways to design dresses for two princesses - 3D and flat. However, she found it hard to manipulate the playdoh to make intricate designs, and she found it hard to use the ribbon maker by herself. She preferred to watch while and adult made the dresses.


Manufacturer Description

Girls can act as Belle and Rapunzel’s personal PLAY-DOH stylists to dress them for the ball! With the new DESIGN-A-DRESS BOUTIQUE playset, girls can create beautiful ball gowns and sparkly accessories for their favorite Disney Princess characters. Create PLAY-DOH dresses using a fashion plate mold or gown attachment and then use the Magical Ribbon Maker extruder to make perfect PLAY-DOH PLUS ribbons or fashionable accessories! Styled as a fashion boutique on the interior and a castle on the exterior, the set includes two princess figures, ball gown attachment for stand up play, two dress plates, PLAY-DOH PLUS detailer with additional piping tip, three standard PLAY-DOH cans including SPARKLE PLAY-DOH, and one standard can of PLAY-DOH PLUS compound. 

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