Age: 6 years and up

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A very popular craft with all our testing families. Kids were fascinated with the nesting dolls and really enjoyed painting them. And this was defintely a craft kids could enjoy afterwards - both to play with and to display. Parents liked that with multiple dolls, more than one chilid can share in the activity to create a family keepsake. 




I love to paint and I love animals.  It's funny to open them and put the other inside.  It gets really small inside.  I can hid them all inside the big one.  I could paint it the way I wanted and I could put stickers on it too.



I really like my nesting set.  They look great in my room and I can keep playing with them, even after I painted them



It was easy to paint but you need to be very careful and use the thinner paint brush to get to the small details of the statue. I wish i could do more of these. I will put them on my shelf they are pretty.


Kendra D.


I would recommend this set to all crafting kids.

Orietta M.


I love this little activity. My kids got a lot out of it. They received a little history lesson and realized how art can also be painted on dolls. My kids worked together to complete the dolls. I liked that they each had their own separate dolls to paint and when they put them together it was a creation completed by both. Their masterpieces are proudly displayed on one of our shelves.

Marie-Lise H.

Appealed to both my youngest (M7) and oldest (F11). I have Russian dolls at home and they have been playing with it since they where toddlers, there is a fascination with these dolls that has carried over to this set. The paint colors are bright and the rub ons where a good idea. More than enough paint to cover all the dolls, and for do-overs.


Manufacturer Description

From the biggest to the littlest, give your pets personality with paint and rub-on sticker accents. These classic wooden nesting dolls are pre-printed with your favorite animal designs. The kit includes paint and 2 brushes - medium & fine point, 5 graduated sized nesting dolls measure 4 3/4" (12 cm) h down to the smallest 1 1/8" h. They are perfect for stacking, play and display.

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  • 2 paintbrushes


  • Everything you need to paint and decorate 5 animal nesting dolls