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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 12 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $13.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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My sister (18m) likes watching me make the gears go around. She can't do it on her own. I can teach her.


Christina B.

Evan (2) enjoyed playing with the gears on this toy best. He liked that you could either put all the gears onto the car itself and turn them, or you could stack some or all of the gears on top of one another. He experimented with that a lot. When closed, it can double as a car, but it is very narrow. He didn't play it much as a car. I would suggest to the makers to add educational value, such as colour matching, to make the toy appeal to older toddlers for longer.

Annie D.

My baby (19 months) likes to open the car and stack all the gears together and unstack them. When the car is open, you can also spin the knobs and see all the wheels in motion. However, this toy doesn`t do anything by itself so it doesn`t hold my son's attention for very long. It's well constructed and compact, and fits in a purse or diaper bag very easily.

Carolyn R.

My 18 month old daughter enjoys playing with this toy when Mom or Dad is sitting on the floor playing with her. It is a nice change from her dolls and play kitchen. The Roll & Gears car is a neat toy for the older child, 2+. The interlocking gears and building towers feature are interesting but my F18m was not able to do on her own. Either a parent or sibling had to help her with the gears. Initially she was interested but interest faded quickly. Frequency of play is comparable to her other toys with similar size pieces. Long term appeal is not as high as I would have expected. Cost value is somewhat overpriced. Design of the roll and gears car is neat. It has a cause and effect nature "when I turn this gear, the other one moves too". I didn't find the car idea of the toy as interesting. The wheels didn't keep in place as well as I would have hoped. Fit neatly inside the car shape. It would a good toy for travel to another home without children.

Marcy J.

This is a really cute toy. My son (16 months) is really enjoyed playing with the gears. We have another toy with gears, but this one is much easier for him to play with: he can place the gears in their places and stack them more easily with this toy. He really enjoys watching all the gears turn together, and these gears have the added feature of being stackable. He also liked the fact that it looks like a car, although he was disappointed that the car doesn't stand on its own. The main drawbacks are that he seems to have a hard time opening the toy. Still, his interest remained high and he enjoyed playing with the toy.


Manufacturer Description

Play Stow Go! When it comes to those busy days with your toddler, simple is better. That's why we've invented this unique, space-saving, 2-in-1 toy that makes it super easy for you to play, stow, and go! Don't be fooled by the convenience, though - this fun fold-out car and 5 removable gears provide plenty of developmental play opportunities for your little engineer. 

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  • Includes car and 5 gears


  • Close the car for classic rollin' vehicle play