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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 18 months to 4 years

MSRP (CAD): $89.99

MSRP (USD): $59.99

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Mama, Abby! I give her cookie? She ate it, she want more. I make pizza for Abby, she like pizza too.



I think cookie monster is going to get a tummy ache because he really really likes eating a lot of cookies. Also elmo and abby. I like that I can make food for elmo. He likes my soup. It goes into his mouth and then into his tummy (the oven)


Krista M.

This kitchen snaps together, rather then needing any screws so it's not the sturdiest kitchen we have used. The window has been plenty of fun: my daughters (F4, F2) and daycare children (F20m, M6, M3, M4) enjoyed standing behind and ordering from it. The only concern is fingers getting slammed in between the sliding windows as they are so easy to move back and forth. The oven door is hard to push closed, and I have had to reattach a few pieces of the kitchen. The kids have fun with each of the characters, feeding them different meals, but their interest wore off about halfway into the testing period. It was not as durable as other kitchen sets, often had to put it back together, and the smaller size made it hard for multiple children to play at once.

Kim G.


My son 23m loves to pretend to cook, so this little kitchen was right up his alley. It is the perfect hight for a little 2 year old and my son easily discovered all the neat features. It has a great combination of fun play and learning opportunity. The voices and sounds are pleasing, funny and educational.

Annie D.


My 2 year old son loves it so much and plays with it constently. We ended up buying the toy instead of bringing it back

Elyse S.

Nice toy and very entertaining for the girls [17m, 2 & 4]. They loved the sounds and expressions. Main concern for me was that the pieces did keep coming apart. I made sure to snap them in correctly, but playtime snapped them out just as easily.

Stephanie D.

My 2 year old son loves it so much and plays with it constently. We ended up buying the toy.


Manufacturer Description

Sesame Street is serving up a big batch of fun with the COME ‘N PLAY Cookie Monster Kitchen Café! This interactive toy kitchen has over 70 phrases and sound effects, and plays the Cookie Monster Kitchen Café Song! At 30 inches tall, it’s the perfect size for preschoolers over 18 months to 4 years. No assembly tools are required. It securely snaps together!

This toy also helps encourage development of Fine Motor Skills, Imagination, Cognitive Learning and Social & Emotional Development.

‘Cook,’ ‘feed,’ and sing with everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends!

Little chefs will love pretend cooking alongside Cookie Monster with this Sesame Street toy kitchen! It comes with 6 pieces of play food, a spatula and frying pan to make yummy and healthy snacks. Slide the windows open or closed to feed Elmo and Abby Cadabby, or slide both windows open to serve hungry customers! The Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe has a stove burner that “lights up” and makes sizzle sound effects, and an order bell that dings. Just like a real café!

Lots of cooking action for little chefs!

The Sesame Street Cookie Monster Café offers plenty to keep preschoolers busy in their very own kitchen! Just slide the burner switch on for sizzle sound effects and to see it “light up”! Turn the oven knobs - they make clicking sounds! Or press the order bell to hear it ding!

To feed everyone’s favorite Sesame Street pals, just slide the window to reveal Elmo or Abby Cadabby, and place a “snack” in one of their mouths. They’ll say fun phrases and the “food” will magically appear in the oven! Or feed Cookie Monster a “snack” and he’ll make silly sounds and say fun phrases, too!

Children can have a play café of their very own!

This toy kitchen from Sesame Street lets little ones “cook” treats and share them with their favorite Sesame Street friends! There are sounds effects, and fun phrases and it plays the Cookie Monster Kitchen Song! There’s even a pass-through window for serving pretend customers!

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  • Other features include a burner and bell with SFX, spatula, frying pan, 6 food pieces and a "menu" that showcases the alphabet