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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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Like the original West Edmonton Mall, there's more to do than shop here. Our kid-testers loved that even after Polly is done browsing through stores (purse/shoes, electronics, etc), riding the escalator and elevator, and had her fill of food court snacks, there's a Ferris wheel and slide to entertain. Their parents loved that this wall-mounted play set doesn't take up any floor space and, it turns out having a toy mounted on the wall is a comfortable way to play, too. A great set! Includes one 3.75"/9cm Polly figure.




This is so much fun, I love the shoes and the purses because I can choose which ones to buy, and then Polly can sit and have an ice cream after she is done shopping. I like playing on the wall, it's very fun!



" I like it because it can stick on the wall and I don't have to clean it up before bed!" " I like the suction cups they stick to anything!" " Polly likes having her own store and the slide is cool" " I'm glad I have more Polly's to got shop at her store"



Its great. I wish polly had more friends to go shopping with and they dont sell too many good things for kids at this store.



I like playing with this set but I wish I could move it from where it is. The colours are super pretty and I like to put the accessories away in the drawer and make the girl slide.



I love Polly Pocket and I want more dollies. It's fun putting her on the slide!


Cathy M.

I really like that it stays on the wall as it is one less toy to pick off the ground. I also like ti has a storage compartment within it for all the tiny pieces. I find it a bit expensive for only one doll and not so much to do. May get more play with other sets. The main complaint I have had from my daughter (5) is that she can only play with it in the playroom. She would like to bring it elsewhere in the house or outside but cannot because it attaches to the wall. Limited use in the summer time because of this.

Sylvie S.

I am impressed with this toy. This toy has stuck to the wall better than I thought. It has never fallen off (despite that it is sort of heavy for little stickers), and Aliyah (F7) still loves it, so it's a + for us. I like the fact that it doesn't take up any floor space, that's a major bonus for us. There are so many things that the dolls can do, go up and down the escalator, shop, go for ice cream, go for a ride in the ferris wheel. The only thing that was a bit frustrating was the set up. It wasn't very complicated, but it took at least 20 minutes to put everything together and on the wall.

Krista M.

My daughters (F3, F5) and daycare group (F4, F6, M3) thought it was very cool that it was on the wall and not on the floor. The set is big enough that multiple children can play on it at once and has kept the interest of my daughters and daycare children (F4, F6, M4) since the beginning. The set sticks very well even with multiple children playing with it. I like that many of the accessories come with a suction cup design so they stick and don't fall off as easily. The elevator snaps off sometimes, but is very easy to reassemble. The initial set up was very straightforward and quick. We have a few other mini dolls that fit in the ferris wheel, couch and other areas perfectly which has been nice to have such a versatile toy The set is spread out enough that each child can have a spot to play, or one can play on their own with space to move.

Tammy W.

This is our first experience with Polly Pocket and it was a huge hit! We (girls 3 & 5) love that it sets up on the wall and that most of the accessories have suction cups that keep them from going missing! We would love to have a wall full of Polly Pocket toys. The toys sticks well to the wall, and although it would be nice to have more dolls included, we were able to use other polly pocket sized dolls so more than one child could play. The girls just loved setting up the shoes and purses on the wall! Huge fan of this toy!

Elyse S.

Great toy. I really enjoyed testing this one. Not like a typical toy that gets thrown in a box and forgotten about. This one stays conviniently and compactly on the wall for easy access to play and easy clean up until the next time. My F5 really got a lot of playtime out of it - and when she let her, my F3 got in on the fun as well.


Manufacturer Description

The Coolest Mall of All — on Your Wall!

Every day is an adventure for Polly and her pals, especially when the play moves off the floor and onto the wall! This Mall on the Wall set lets girls experience Polly fun and excitement in a whole new and innovative way. Just use the included 3M Command® strips to safely attach the set to the wall, and you’re ready for the ultimate shopping experience!

Sensational Stores and Play Areas!

Girls can start in the boutique and help Polly doll shop for stylish shoes. Then take a break with a ride on the Ferris wheel in the center of the mall — just power it with the hand crank. Push a button to release Polly doll down a twisting slide that lands her in the food court. Once she’s had some yummy snacks, she can take the real working escalator to the electronics store to pick up a new “camera” or “phone”!

Amp Up the Mall Adventures

Girls will love creating and customizing awesome mall adventures for Polly and her pals! They can build out an entire world of play with additional sets, including a pet store, salon, cookie shop, candy shop, and boutique (each sold separately). Configure the sets in any way you want and use the zipline connectors to transport Polly doll between shops — for extreme shopping fun!

No Need for Cleanup or Setup!

Because Wall Party sets hang on the wall, they’re out of the way and don’t need to be cleaned up after playtime. Each set’s bright, colorful design looks great as room décor, and the included play pieces feature suction cups to help keep everything in place. When girls want to play again, there’s no setup — the mall is on the wall and ready to go! Plus, you can easily and safely remove the set without causing damage to your wall.

What’s in the Box?

Set comes with Polly doll, zipline connector piece and chair, food piece-count, electronic store piece-count (including cell phone and headphones), shoes, handbags, shopping bag, clothes hangers, four safe-for-walls Command Strips from 3M, wall mounts, and storage.

Features multiple mall-themed play areas, including stores and a food court

Polly doll can travel by elevator, escalator, and Ferris wheel

Colorful design looks great as room décor

Comes with one Polly doll in cute fashions

Set easily attaches to the wall and can be safely removed without damaging the wall

Hours of imaginative playtime for every Polly fan

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  • Girls can start in the boutique, shopping for the most sensational shoes