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POP for Numbers™ Game

Learning Resources, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $11.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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Our testers all rated this as highly education, but not particularly lasting in the fun department. The game is too long, and nothing really special. Perhaps if the gumballs had been marbles instead of paper disks, kids may have been more excited to play. Nothing particularly wrong with the game, in fact, our testers gave it decent ratings. Unfortunately, it just wasn't exciting enough to compete with other games.




This game is awesome because I like to choose 'pop'. I like playing with my mom. I did my numbers and I always win!



When you get a POP, you need to start all over so the game basically never ends. I really like playing with three numbers to make it harder (then the game goes faster too!).



I stopped playing the game. It was long and no one could win.

It was hard to remember the higher and lower. Mommy had to help me sometimes.



WE play it sometimes but i don't really like it. If mommy doesn't remind us about that toy we don't go and get it.



I really like this game. I like when I get to keep the gum. There are so many colours. I didn't know gum can be white. I never ate a white gum before. I teached my sister how to play and we play all the time. I like when I win the gum. I like when I have the higher number. This is a good game for me.



I like the Pop's in this number game it makes the game fun. The spinner is fun too, but I stop the game when it takes to long to win.


Liz H.


This is a pretty simple game, but I think it is well worth the money. It is a great game for pre-schoolers, as it reviews numbers and colours. It is great for teaching the concepts of 'more than' and 'less than'. In addition, it is great for little ones learning to play games and practice turn taking. This game is educational and fun!

Rebecca Y.


I like that this game is nice and compact and the packaging is very attractive, however, it lost its appeal very quickly and the kids (M6, M3) rarely play with it. The game went on way too long for that age group. We took out the POP pieces to shorten the game which helped, but the kids were still not so enthusiastic about playing. It's a great teaching tool for higher and lower numbers (and I like that there's a tip to make it a little harder by using more than one number at a time).

Ann L.


We tried playing the game with less numbers but the fun of playing is just not present in this game.



A VERY long game! I would suggest removing some of the pieces if you are playing with only 2 players on level 1.

For this one to be fun, I would also recommend young players have a good understanding of the math concept of quantity like "most" and "fewer". My son is still learning these and this game wasn't a hit in our house because of it, it took too much effort for him to play, he got frustrated and didn't want to play anymore.

Oreitta M.


It is fun and easy to play but it is not our favourite game. we did enjoy it for a while but the novelty wore off. If the gum balls were actually sphere's i think it would have added some dimension to the game.

Orietta M.


It is fun and easy to play, but it is not our favourite game. we did enjoy it for a while, but the novelty wore off. If the gum balls were actually sphere's I think it would have added some dimension to the game.


Manufacturer Description

A results-driven game of suspense, excitement and number fun! Grab a gumball card, spin the spinner and see who gets the other players’ cards! Sometimes it’s the highest number; sometimes it’s the lowest. But don’t pull the POP card or all your gumballs go back in the box. Three levels of play keep children challenged. For 2–4 players. 

Model Number

LER 8440

Year Introduced