Age: 4 years and up

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Far too challenging for our 4 year old testers, and pretty hard for our older testers as well. Lot's of parental help needsd. A numbe rof the kids tried to play with the constroucted panoramas, but most found the pieces a little too fragile to take much handling. Best suited to older children creating these as a craft project. 




These were too hard to put together. I liked to set them up with the background and I liked to colour them in but I didn't like to play with them much. There wasn't anything to do with them except to set them up.



I like to make my dinosaurs scary.  My mom had to help me put them together. 



I love these dinosaurs. They are fun to play with and they don't even fall down. I play with them when I'm in time out because they don't make any noise. I know some of their names and when I'm 6 I'll know all of their names. 



I like to colour in the animals and make them stand.



It's too hard to put them in the holes. I can't do it and it keeps falling out.



It looked like a lot of fun but it was too hard to make the dinosaurs.  Mommy helped me make the dinosaurs but as soon as I played with them they fell apart so that's not fun.  I don't like the colouring ones because it's too much colouring. 



I had a little bit of fun playing with the turtle and the star fish.  The green and yellow fish kept falling apart and my mom had to fix it.  I like the background picture and the coral.  I put on a puppet show for my mom and my dog.  I also liked colouring the blank fish my favourite colours.


Tania T.


Both my children (M3 & F6) enjoyed opening this activity. It is better suited for older children however as the paper pieces are fragile and can rip easily durig play and especially when removing from the molds initially. Removing the animal characters from the molds was also challenging and resulted in a few ripped pieces. They did play with the set initially for quite a while and engaged in pretend play with the animal characters. It was also frustrating for them to manipulate the animal characters, as they were not too sturdy standing up on their own. Nice that the each animal also had a "double" version that your child could colour themselves and it also made sharing a little easier, although it was not a toy that was brought out very often though.

Domenica B.


I liked the idea of the children colouring the dinosaurs and backgrounds themselves.  There was no way that my 6 yr old could have assembled it himself.  I found that I had to re-assemble the dinosaurs quite frequently.  The tabs did not stay in place. 

Iwona V.


This toy/craft was not a hit with my girls. Jessica (4) played with it a bit after I 'popped' and 'curved' all the pieces (which took quite some time). We assembled the pieces and background, but Jessica wasn't quite sure how to play with it. Victoria (8) had no interest in it.

Rhonda M.


Alex (F6) was very interested in this toy to start with but she was mainly only interested in colouring the templates.  She was not interested in assembling the parts. 

Rebecca Y.


The kids were only capable of punching these out but not putting them together. The scene wer created looked great, but they didn't actually 'play' with them beyond that. Shalom (M6) enjoyed colouring his own dinosaurs and then handing them to me to put togther.

Jennifer F.


After a few months this is still constantly "in play" on my son's dresser. It is a bargain and a perfect treat for a rainy day. My son and his Dad enjoyed putting it together, we learned some dinosaur names, and I am surprised that is has been durable enough to last through many play sessions.

Tammy W.


They do look quite impressive once completed,  but too much handling of them results in tabs falling out of their slits and an overall disaster.  The arrowed edges of the tabs are supposed to claw into place behind the slits but they just don't want to stay where they are meant to. 

Hilary S.


My 5 year old and I played with this toy together.  She was able to punch out the under water animals, but was not able to fold and put them together.  The animals that were one piece were easily put together, but the two piece animals were difficult to put together.  The tabs did not fit together or stay in if the animal was not folded well. I would have to fixed the finished animals often.   My daughter played with the pop and curve toy for a short period of time like a puppet theatre.  She put on a play for me and the dog.  


Manufacturer Description

Create your own 3D adventure! Creatures swim, roar and jump to life with some simple construction and imagination! Just pop the perforated creatures out from the paper sheets, curve them along the dotted lines and connect the tabs. Be even more creative by coloring your own creatures with additional black and white shapes. Unfold the backdrop and the scene is set for hours of imaginative play!

Year Introduced



  • Encourages creative play and fine motor skills