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Pottery Cool Studio

Spin Master Ltd

Age: 6 years and up

Production Status: In Stores

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I like that it is a pottery wheel and I always wanted to use another one after I used one at art camp. It comes with different paints and examples of things you can make with the wheel. I like the phone or ipod speaker because that is for everyone and not just for girls like the other things. I made a cool speaker for my ipod and then after a few days I painted it.



I like making the pottery and painting it. It's fun that you get to actually create something out of clay and keep it. he colours of paint are all very nice. Some are girly for my sister and some were more for boys. But there are lots of things I don't like. Lots of things. First, I didn't like that all of the examples are very girly. Boys like to play with pottery too. I made a cupcake because it wasn't as girly as something for jewelry, but I wish I could have made a car or airplane. Also, even though making it was very fun, it took forever to dry! I think it took about 3 full days until I was able to paint it. Then, within a week after painting it, the bottom of my cupcake broke apart. The whole thing is falling apart! I think it's because we didn't cook it in the special oven, as you're supposed to do for pottery, I think. So it never got as hard as real pottery gets. I would want to try this toy again, but with better quality clay.



I like moulding the clay, it feels good in my hands!



I like the different things you can make with the clay, and I like painting it when it's dry.


Susan C.

My son (9) really enjoyed this art kit. He has done pottery before and it was a nice opportunity for him to do it at home. This wheel is different than the usual pottery wheels because it is done upside down instead of hollowing out the clay. We wished there was more clay to do even more projects. Once the clay was done, the toy was finished. It is a rotating wheel that is a bit noisy but not enough to be distracting. My son liked the fact that it moved and that he could keep his hands still while the machine did all the work. This toy is recommended for ages 6+. My daughter who is 6 tried it but was frustrated with the rotating which is what my son enjoyed the most. She did play with the clay but not as part of the toy. Everything is included from the paints to the spray bottle. Things are nicely laid out and there is place for everything. We have cleaned the toy several times and used all the clay. The toy stood up to it all and is still in pretty good shape. Although it requires 4 C batteries, it is a fantastic art kit that provides hours of creativity. The clay is packaged individually so it can be used at different times over a longer period. It does take a while for the clay to completely dry so painting has to happen several days later and provides another opportunity to explore the arts with a variety of colours. This would be a premium gift but I believe it is worth the cost for what you get.

Wendy K.

It's one of those toys that is great in theory, but in practice, many things went wrong. It was still fun for my kids (M8, F6) to use, but it wasn't as great as we hoped. After the first two projects didn't end up the way they hoped, they kind of lost interest in it. They still like playing with the clay, though. It was definitely fun for my kids to play with the clay as it spun around. The motor was kind of weak, though, even though we put in new batteries. When my kids were trying to shape the clay, it would often stop spinning because I guess they put too much pressure on the clay. Also, it took a very long time for the clay to dry. Perhaps we put too much water on it, but we tried to follow the instructions as best as we could. The actual creations broke a lot. One completely fell apart, despite it being made not too thinly. And another one had major chips in it just from moving it around. My kids love clay in general, so it was just fun for them to play with it and shape it.

Tammy W.

We like the toy itself, but had a hard time making useful products. But the girls (7 & 9) really enjoyed moulding the clay on the spinner, and how good it felt on their hands. They loved painting their dried clay and playing with the leftover bits and pieces. Ava F9 decided to make the cell phone speaker, and Carleigh F7 chose the cupcake pencil holder. Carleigh had a hard time shaping the top of the cupcake to stay rounded and not collapse into the bottom. Ava's cell phone speaker broke once she placed her cell phone into the groove. The clay was nice and moist and of good quality. I was worried about the motor dying as my girls tended to squeeze the clay around the spinner a little too hard, and I could hear the motor slowing down.The instructions were lengthy and they seemed to be bunched together on the page. It's definitely a challenging craft, and the final products did not turn out quite as expected, but the girls were able to work the clay on their own and mould it. The craft is definitely messy, which is to be expected, but I didn't realize just how messy it would get. I would recommend putting down an old tablecloth or garbage bag on the table. While things didn't turn out quite as expected, they definitely had fun making the different items, and playing with the clay on its own without the machine.


Manufacturer Description

Easily sculpt endless possibilities with the Pottery Cool Clay Studio! This innovative studio makes crafting and designing clay projects incredibly easy and fun for kids to do. Pottery Cool has turned pottery upside down – simply place a clay disk onto the turntable, gently spray it with water and watch it spin and take shape in your hands. Pottery Cool Clay Studio’s unique design helps you create perfectly shaped pottery by letting gravity do the work for you. And once air-dried, the creativity really begins! With multiple sculpting tools and 10 brightly coloured metallic paints, you can quickly customize each creation for a truly unique look. It’s pottery made easy! The Pottery Cool Clay Studio comes with everything you need to start right away. Create 6 beautiful projects, including: A Jewelry Holder, Puppy Picture Holder, Turtle Dish, Smart Phone Speaker, Cupcake Pencil Holder and Pencil Topper. Discover a whole new way to create with clay with the Pottery Cool Clay Studio!


  • 1 Pottery Cool Clay Studio

  • 1 Spray Bottle

  • 1 Tool Holder

  • 2lbs Clay

  • 1 Paint Brush

  • 2 Sculpting Tools

  • 2 Coring Tools

  • 2 Cores

  • 2 Sleeves

  • 10 Colors of Paint

  • 1 Instruction Guide


  • Easily sculpt, design, paint and display custom clay creations with the Pottery Cool Clay Studio. It’s a whole new way to create with clay!

  • Includes everything you need to create 6 projects, including: Jewelry Holder, Smart Phone Speaker, Pencil Holder and more.

  • Customize your clay using unique sculpting tools and 10 brightly coloured metallic paints.

  • The Pottery Cool Clay Studio is for ages 6+ and requires 4 C batteries (not included). Additional clay refills and project kits sold separately.