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Powerpuff Girls Storymaker System Rainbow Roll Playset

Spin Master Ltd

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

Production Status: In Stores




I really like putting the girl in the swing. The spinning star thing moves and so many other things are connected and move at the same time. I wish she had a friend to play on the teeter totter with. I like how the pieces move together or by themselves in a row. I like the funny panda - he rolls and he is my favourite. I get to move things around so even if they are the same pieces they are in different orders and look like a new toy. I like watching the Power Puff girls and it is fun to play with the toys, but I don't know why it is called a storymaker. It is more like a roller coaster.


Susan C.

It was fun at first. My daughter (6) was more engaged once it was set up in a way that made her happy. Her favourite part is the swing and I like that the girl stays in the swing and doesn't fall out. The designs are really colourful and represent the brand really well. It is a complicated system at first, some of the pieces work better in certain orders. Once it is mastered by the child, it is simple and the interest wears off fairly fast. After the initial few play sessions there wasn't any interest at all. Some of the pieces didn't trigger the others for example the swing piece has difficulties. My daughter was bored with this toy fairly quickly as the eplay value however, is really limited. Even with the option to switch the pieces, there isn't enough variety offered within the toy. The toy is much larger than it appears on the box making it easier to play with. The colours are bright and fun. The toy seems well made but setting it up can be sensitive because it you hit something the wrong way everything shakes and releases. But she is able to operate the toy and all it's pieces with little issues. While the toy had to be put together by a grown up, if a piece comes apart she is able to put it back together by herself most times. It's a complex toy that makes putting it away difficult. There are a lot of pieces and it takes up a lot of room. The toy is finicky and other pieces sometimes are accidentally effected. The box has three girls pictured but there is only one inside. My daughter was slightly disappointed that more friends were not included. The pictures on most pieces are on just one side so it can only be played with from one side and with one person. It would be nice to have images on both sides so more than one person could create stories together. The toy is large and difficult to store. The pieces do not always work and my daughter found that frustrating and gave up on trying to get it work. The doll has to be put on a certain way for things to work correctly.


Manufacturer Description

Bring home sugar, spice, and everything nice with the Powerpuff Girls Storymaker System Rainbow Roll Playset.


  • 3 Interlocking Pieces

  • 3 Interchangeable Tiles

  • 1 Rolling Tile

  • 1 Action Doll

  • 1 Seesaw

  • 1 Display Stand

  • Instruction Sheet


  • Create Your Own Story: Mix and match the characters and tiles to create a completely unique story! Create your own story and join Bubbles on a magical adventure.

  • Works in any Order: Customize your story by re-arranging the tiles and telling a new story! All Powerpuff Girls Storymaker Playsets work in any order.

  • Connect Them All: Collect all of the Powerpuff Girls Storymaker System sets to create even bigger Powerpuff Girls adventures! The Storymaker System Rainbow Roll Playset is endless, customizable Powerpuff Girls fun!

  • Includes Rainbow Roll storymaker playset and Bubbles action doll & seesaw