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Primary Science Mix & Measure Set

Learning Resources, Inc.

Age: 4 to 7 years

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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An incredibly well designed toy! The fun value alone surpasses most bath/water toys. Plus, there are ten large laminated activity cards that do an excellent job of introducing some fundamental early learning concepts, for example, that two differently shaped containers can contain the same amount. And five additional activity cards - including a recipe for ice cream - can be down-loaded from the Learning Resources website. 

We also like that the volumes used correspond to real-life culinary measurements, so that the set could also be used in the kitchen for food prep. Even without the structured learning the activity cards provide, the open-ened play this toy encourages is even more effectively inpires the same intuitive grasp of proportionality that a good set of wooden blocks provides.

Note that in an attempt to keep the basic costs down, the activity cards require you to provide the following extras:

Activity 1: dry food (such as rice or beans)

Activity 2: water

Activity 3: water; cereal, coins, and a dry-erase marker

Activity 4: sugar

Activity 5: corn starch, water, and a spoon

Activity 6: water; light corn syrup; dishwashing liquid; a long spoon; and a bubble wand

Activity 7: self-rising flour; salt; 4 different colours food dye; water; mixing spoon; 4 zip-top bag; small pieces cardboard; and a microwave

Activity 8: flour; warm water; salt; mixing spoon; plastic bag; paintbrush and paints; baking tray; and a refridgerator

Activity 9: raisins; ring-shaped cereal; dried banana chips; sunflower seeds; chocolate chips; and 6 small paper cups

Activity 10: 1 package (3 oz.) of gelatin dessert mix; baby shampoo; water; a long spoon; and a 32 oz. sip-top plastic bag




I love these measuring cups and spoons. They are in beautiful colours and i like doing the experiements. I reallyliked making bubbles. that was a neat experiment. we tried to make bubbles outside. it worked.



this is so much fun to do. mom, my sister, and i like to play this when we have time. mom prepares everything and we have lots of fun following the directions, we do the activities in the kitchen..mom says we are learning stuff but i think we are just playing.



I love measuring and mixing things up.



Wow look at all the cups and spoons! I can dump the water and fill up all the cups. I love playing in the water. This cup holds the most because its so so big.



"Just because its tall doesnt mean it has more water, you have to measure to be sure. It looks like it has more, but its the same.


Tammy W.

"An amazing quality toy, very durable and educational. My kids (F4 & M6) are now able to understand volume and measurement and tried a few of the experiments included. The instructions are very clear, pictures are colourful and exciting. The bright colours and different shaped dishes are very appealing. My kids played with the dishes in the sink, bathtub and water table outside. The handles are easy to grasp and the kids especially loved the cups that fit into other cups. My only problem was the scale not being able to be submersed in water due to the sticker affixed to it.

Jennifer S.


Another great educational toy for children. This would be great in a classroom or for your own home. It comes with some interesting activities that your child will enjoy doing, that make it a bit different than just making cookies/baking. That being said, they can probably obtain the same learning objectives with tools you already have in your own kitchen. Children will definitely learn some of the same learning objectives by assisting in the meal preparation or baking with a parent.

Orietta M.

Other Adult

I will find these items great in my classroom. All the various measuring containers are nicely labelled for the kids. the containers are attractive and sturdy to use. I will be using them in my math unit to help teach volume and capacity to the early primary grades and the science expirements are easy enough to use and help teach the children about various concepts by following easy step by step explanations of what to do. the experiments are age appropriate for grade 2's to complete independently and great for kindergarten children to do with their teacher.

Julie J.


Both girls (4 & 6) LOVED this set and asked me to buy it almost immediately!


Manufacturer Description

Explore and compare measurements. Chunky, colorful tools are contoured for little hands. Scale, bowl, 3 self-standing spoons and 6 unique cup designs help young learners visualize equivalent quantities in different formats. Activity Cards introduce children to measurement and guide them in making mystery goo, puffy paint, slime and more. Great for the sensory table too. Bowl measures 4 3/4" x 6" in diameter. For grades Pre K+. Set of 12.

Model Number

LER 2783

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  • 10 Activity Cards