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Punch Yarn Pillow


Age: 10 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $32.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

Production Status: In Stores

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I liked that they gave us ideas but then we made our own. I googled other stuff and then printed out clip art. The bad part is that the colours of the yarn were not really good and then it took us days and days to go get other yarn and then I didn't really want to do it. I don't think it was as fun as I thought but when it is done it will look cool on my bed. it probably doesn't look as good as I thought it would but it is still pretty good. When I was clipping the edges onto the burlap to hold it still I did not understand the directions except I thought I did. It was still okay but I think the directions could have better pictures. And I think they should have extra colours because the colours were not good for what I made.



I really like that I learned to sew. It was easy to do because of the needle and the type of yarn that the product gave us. I really liked the vibrant colours and that I could be creative in the type of pillow I wanted to make. I like how you stretch the burlap on the frame and there are these latches that keep it in place. It is like making your own frame. You draw the picture of the pillow on the burlap and then you know how to sew the yarn in the perfect spots. Everything is in the box. I didn't have to get anything except for scissors. I really like this toy because I got to create it myself - iT really was all me. That was what was best about it. This yarn is like a felt yarn, I never saw this yarn before. The texture of the pillow is neat with this yarn. I wonder where I can get more of it. I am going to try to make another pillow using some yarn my mom has, but it doesn't have the same feely yarn.


Marta W.

My daughter (11) has been asking to make a cat pillow forever. We read the directions before starting and went out and got more stuffing - you'll definitely need the stuffing if you want a thicker pillow. I'd suggest picking up more yarn, too, because although it comes with 5 colors, it's not a whole lot and the white is smaller than the other 4 balls of yarn. You'll also need a sharpie, a pen, scissors, ruler, pencil and safety pins to help with your project. The template sheets have 8 different designs. This pillow is recommended for ages 10+ but younger friends did just as well will this kit, but note that the needle in this kit is a real needle. The pillows are being used and tossed around on daily basis - so far they withstood all the abuse:-)

Jennifer F.

I had thought M9 was more likely to want to do this craft, but when we opened the box of testing toys M11 wanted to try it out. The downfall of the kit was the limited colours of yarn. We eventually picked up some other colours, and M11 is almost done his pillow, but it has been a stop and go process. He has probably taken a couple hours altogether on it. It took longer than M11 expected - it is not a quick art project, so probably just not suited to him and the attention he wanted to give it, not a reflection on the craft itself. I think we had a slow start to this just because M11 really wanted specific colours (the colours it came with were a bit dull and did not suit what he had in mind) so we picked up some extra colours. M11 did the craft pretty much on his own. He did have some problems with the instructions but what he guessed worked out fairly well. This was definitely a multi-day project I think for most kids, and everything did not fit back in the package, We used a big ziplock bag to keep all the components together over a few weeks. The plastic grips to put the burlap on the frame were not the easiest to clip on correctly. I think it was a bit expensive only because I think it very likely most kids using this would also want another colour of yarn so additional cost should be factored in.

Orietta M.

So very cute!! My daughter, 11, just loved doing this activity as it reminded her of grandma sewing. She was so so proud that she could do it too!! The yarn is easy to manipulate and the mesh is strong enough for the little hands to play with. The tool used for sewing was the best needle I have every seen. It was great to be able to easily sew the different colours on the mesh. But it took a lot of dedication and determination to finish the project, it's not one of those activities where the end result occurs in one day. I love that it is an activity that doesn't require a phone. It is so hard to find something this young generation enjoy that is not computer related.


Manufacturer Description

Craft your very own decorative pillow with Klutz! Choose from eight fun designs, and then use our yarn and custom punch-needle tool to create a super-soft pillow top. Add stuffing, sew it up, and you’re done! The book comes with everything you need for this craft, including crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions to put together your perfect pillow.


  • 32-page book

  • Custom punch-needle tool

  • 4-piece frame with 8 clips

  • 50 yards of yarn in 5 colors

  • Burlap sheet

  • Felt sheet

  • Polyfill stuffing

  • Embroidery floss

  • Needle

  • 4 paper template sheets with 8 designs


  • Super-soft and Fluffy

  • Includes custom punch needle tool

  • Choose from 8 designs

  • Warning: Contains functional sharp points

  • Not suitable for children under 10 years old