Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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It's like a ready-made dare fest. Our testers loved being challenged to do silly things just to move a space or two on the board: play a round of Hot Potato Sock, slide backwards on a chair and pretend you're a motorcycle racer, or even take off your shoes and make your big toes talk to each other about potato chips. It's a totally wacky game that - like the original Quelf game for teens - seems to do a good job tapping into kiddi-humour. Good reading skills are required to play independently, which suggests the game may be better enjoyed by older kids - say 8+.

NOTE: Quelf Jr. is a redesign of the game Flapdoodle, featuring new graphics and fewer cards (165 instead of 230). 




This game is so funny! You have to do silly things and you laugh a lot!



It was funny because the cards are telling you do to funny things. The funniest part was when my Dad and sister were pretending to ride motorcycles! I really loved the game. I want to play it again!



This is really fun, I like all the silly things you have to do.  I really like Ms GoodyGoody Gumdrops



I had less than a minute to try to make my older sister laugh... and I couldn't do it! She's very good. I am just waiting to get that card again because now I have thought of something that will do it for sure! Another funny thing is that I had to make my toes talk! toes?!


Stacie C.


We haven't played this game too many times, but we have had a blast each time we've played. This is a game I would like to keep on my game shelf!

Jo M.


The kids (M6 & F5) found this game fun. They liked the activity cards where they needed to act things out. A few of the questions were a bit difficult for the kids....naming a brand of shoes is not something my 6 year old knows. Some of the questions really made the kids think which is great. Connor didn't like the Goody Gumdrops spaces because he got stuck on that space for a while. You must be able to read well in order to play this game. It isn't a great family game since the questions are too easy for adults. The box is very appealing and the game is great quality. I would've liked if there was a seperator in the box for the two differenet kinds of cards. There hasn't been interest in playing the game again.

Kendra D.


This is a really fun game to play.  We have all enjoyed this game.  Our babysitter and my daughter play all the time!

Marie-Lise H.


Hilarious game with simple instructions that can challenge the best of us to be silly.


Manufacturer Description

Younger players will laugh until they cry with this unpredictable kids game with only one rule “OBEY THE CARD!” Easy to learn and fun to play, it’s the perfect game for kids, families and friends! Quelf JR. is the game that “gives random a new name.” Kids can pick a card and read it out loud so that all players hear what the card says. Then, as the game’s motto says, kids must “Obey the Card” and watch as silly, unpredictable and random things start to happen. “Pull your arms and your head inside your shirt and say Look, I’m A Turtle” or “Sing the spelling of your name in the voice of a dog” to name a few of the moments kids will start to share as Quelf JR. is played. If the player “Obeys the Card” they get to move ahead the number of spaces the cards request. If Ms. Goody Gumdrops is landed on, it could help move ahead during the game, but watch out for Mr. SourFace, he can make the players move backwards allowing others to pass by. The first character to reach the finish line wins!

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