Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $12.99

MSRP (USD): $10.99

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This was an easy to learn and quick to play game. The score sheet was easy to use and I liked the dice with the different pictures. I wish there were more dice - for example if the numbers were pulled from the dice rather then the person picking.


Allison M.

This game was fun for adults and kids (F8, M11), although I felt that the adults enjoyed it more then the kids. The kids both enjoyed rolling the dice and trying to fill out the columns, but the game didn't hold their interest the way some other games we had did. The game was easy to learn and quick to play if you only had a short time. It seems like if you played this game repeatedly with the same people, there would not be enough variation in the randomness to make the game very different each time (not like Yahtzee). My kids felt that they would have liked the game better if they had a dice for the number as well - perhaps just a dice for the tens column and then the player could call the ones column number for some additional randomness. We enjoyed playing with this game. We liked the colorful dice and the idea behind the game is easy to learn. It was fun when you would pick a number that could stop the other player(s) from putting down a number on their chart. A good game, but not exceptional.


Manufacturer Description

The Rank and Roll Dice Game. Simple to grasp, yet instantly engaging dice game from renowned designer, Heinz Meister. It's the whimsical game of luck and quick decisions where everyone plays at once! The thing that makes Qwingo stand apart from the crowd is the element of anticipation. From waiting for your next turn, to picking the right numbers, to hoping those numbers will line up with the icons you need, you’ll find a surprising amount of suspense as you play. While the outcomes may not always match your expectation, we anticipate that you’ll want to play again! How To Play: Call out a number from 1 to 100 and roll the symbol die. Then all players write that number in the matching column on their score sheets. The key is that numbers must be placed in ascending order, so plot carefully or you’ll get boxed out! Be the first to complete a column and you rank above the rest! Enhances the following skills: Fine Motor Skills; Number Sequencing; Visual Discrimination

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  • 75 sore sheets

  • 5 pencils

  • 1 custom die

  • rules of play

  • rules in Spanish