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Raise Your Goblets


Age: 14 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $49.99

Production Status: In Stores

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The basic game involves secretly adding wine, poison or an antidote to the ever-shifting goblets, which makes it challenging enough to survive the final toast. But to ensure dynamics change from game to game, not only are players given a target to kill, they each take one of the 21 a character cards. Characters all have a special power - like Princess Zigena who can cover a goblet of her choice preventing anyone but her to pour into it. The combination of character powers make each game a little different. As well, the game offers a number of great variations. Lots of fun, plenty of re-playability and well designed to keep game play fresh for a long time to come.


Manufacturer Description

Otravia, where everyone is dying to be King! It’s time for a dinner party, and all of the noble families of Otravia are invited. However, this is no ordinary party. It’s being held to determine who will be next in line for the throne. And more than one of the guests might get a serving of poison to go with their wine. Over three different courses, players will drop deadly poison, healing antidote, and harmless wine into goblets around the table. They may also spend actions to rotate the goblets, swap theirs with another player’s, or use a special character ability. The stakes are high, but it’s all in good fun. Someone will eventually call a toast, and everyone will see who should start getting fitted for a crown and who should be fitted for a coffin. 2-12 players; 30 minutes playing time.


  • 6 Goblets

  • 6 Coaster Rings

  • 21 Character Cards

  • 6 Player Screens

  • 52 Plastic Tokens

  • 47 Victory Point Tokens

  • 6 Target Cards

  • 6 Winetaster Cards


  • Lovely Dinnerware: The goblets are both beautiful and functional in this game. They work perfectly to set the stage for the dinner party and obscure the players’ actions. The wine, poison, and antidote gems are lovely and colorful. As they slip out of your hand into a goblet, you really feel like you’re sealing someone’s fate.

  • Multiple Guests: What would a dinner party be without guests? Each time you play, you’ll get a character card that affects your approach to the game. Make sure to pay close attention to who else has been invited, as they might make for a deadly date!

  • Battle of wits... quick!: Each course of Raise Your Goblets can fly by! The entire dinner party plays in about 30 minutes, ensuring you’ll be off to your next social engagement in no time… assuming you survive this one, of course.