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Ranglin' Rabbits™


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $18.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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I would like to play with this!



I only played it a little bit and it didn't seem so interesting to me.



I really like that this is not vs each other, it's a team game and it's rare that you would loose. It's really fun to try and get all the rabbits, and the dice are interesting since there are lots of different things that can happen. I didn't like that the fences kept falling over.



This game was really fun. The rabbits were cute, I liked the sleepy rabbits best. I really like that you work as a team. When my mom rolls an explosion, then things get crazy. I really like rolling a carrot, my mom likes rolling the carrot, too. I hate racing games but this one is fun because you work together. I like the explosions, too, because sometimes that makes the rabbits fall asleep. Also my mom says "blah" when we get explosions. But I don't like getting an explosion when all the bunnies are awake because then lots of the bunnies go hiding.


Allison M.

A really great, fun, easy to learn cooperative game. It also has cute rabbits. Both my kids (F7, M9) loved the game and had a fun time. It's an easy game to learn and quick to play - about 15 minutes and we had no troubles. The rabbits on the dice are cute and the fences work well. It's a fun game to strategize together and hope you don't get an explosion. My son and I realized after playing a few times that if you could get a bunch of sleeping bunnies that you could keep rolling and not worry about the explosions. We were able Tom get a perfect score through lots and lots of rolling. I like that this game is quick and easy to learn and that you work together. I really love the cooperative aspect of the game. The randomness of the explosion and the carrot was also fun to add more randomness to the game. It's rare to find a cooperative game and this is a great one. Parents and kids all enjoyed playing it - a great idea for a game.

Ruth B.

I am not as enthusiastic about this game as I thought I would be actually. It sounds so good, but we never managed to really get into this game. My children were interested to work together, although it was hard for them to get used to not being on teams! But, we never really managed to have games that lasted a good long while. They did like the 3D aspect to the game, with all the parts. We all lost interest trying to work out how to move the rabbits around. Working together expands the age range of this toy; mixed ages can work together. I would suggest 3 or 4 as the youngest age, just due to small parts.

Wendy K.

My son (7) only attempted to play it once. He was bored by it immediately, but I don't think he gave it a fair chance. It seems like a fine design. The dice are interesting and the fences are fun. I think it sounds interesting and I hope to play it with my son again soon.


Manufacturer Description

The Cooperative Hare-Racing Dice Game. It's a bunny break-out! A herd of hasty hoppers is headed for the hills, and it's your job to halt them. Work together as a team to corral the cottontails by flicking, lifting, and rolling the dice. But hop to it! There's trouble afoot if they all escape before you can mend the fences. Wrangle the rabbits and you're a 24-carrot champion! We’ve played lots of cooperative games but we’re pretty sure this is the first cooperative dexterity game. Inventors Evan Eaton Rowland and Thomas J. Rabideau came up with this wildly whimsical game that highlights of one of the most obvious but least exploited properties of dice – namely their ability to “bounce”. As you wrangle all those bouncing bunnies, you’ll hone some valuable skills, like hand-eye coordination, estimating distance, and most importantly – team-work. Work your way up the ranks until your team reaches the level of Bunny Genius! Enhances the following skills: Fine Motor Skills; Hand-Eye Coordination; Cooperation.

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