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Recess - The Game for Kids

Recess - The Game for Kids

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $27.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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I love it



the game is great to do with an adult because it is fun to excercise with mom and dad but we don't always feel like playing it because we don't have the space and sometimes i am too tired to play the game.



In this game you get to answer questions and do exercises.



I like doing all the exercises. See how good I am!



I like the game of recess because it is exciting and gives you energy while you work out in the game. The game is exciting and should be rated 5+ as it is a great family game.



I love doing the exercises. Sometimes it's just fun to have an excuse to do a pushup or to get my mom to do one!



It's quite fun to play, especially on a rainy day, it gives us a way to exercises. There where a lot of exercises to chose from and a few of them I had never tried before. I can't give it a 10 because some of the exercises I don't understand or there where some that my mom couldn't do. she has a sore knee, it would have been fun to have an idea of what muscles where needed for a specific exercise or at least what we could expect. There where a lot of questions I didn't understand and some of them I just didn't know what to answer.



I love the stretching exercises, and it's fun to have a game that is not just playing on the computer. I love recess at school so it's a great name for a game. The questions where boring, I'd rather land on the exercise blocks.


Jennifer S.

We are big fans of physical fitness but, as a family, we thought that this would be better accomplished playing outside than with this game. It was fun to play a few times but no one is asking to play this game after the first few play sessions. The kids (M6.5, F5.5) don't want to play this one on their own and I would rather them play hockey on the driveway, ride their bikes, skip, etc.

Kendra D.


We've taken the game up to the cottage where it is hard to get excercise on a rainy day and the kids [F3 F4 F7 & M8] are enjoying playing it with an adult. I think they like seeing how hard they can push mom.

Orietta M.


we like to do this game when it is raining outside or we can't go outside because it gives us reason to exercise. Make sure you have plenty of room to move because throughout the game you and all the game members will be moving around. I just don't feel the game is worth the dollars it is selling at.


Manufacturer Description

The first game to teach kids the importance of FITNESS & NUTRITION thorugh actual experience. Recess was developed in 2009 in Toronto by Lee Davy. After 13 years as a health and fitness professional - with a facility of his own for almost a decade - Lee didn't feel as though he was reaching people early enough. The unique playground approach if his fitness facility and inspired by Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki the resule is Recess - a playful approach to fitness and nutrition that will ultimately engage kids. Recess makes learning about fitness and nutrition fun and exciting. 

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