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Redakai X-Reader Starter Pack

Spin Master Ltd

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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Includes two packs of Redakai cards (22 total) and a clever device that both stores the cards and opens to become a portable "battlefield" to keep cards nicely stacked during game play. If your opponent has an X-Reader, too, they conveniently snap together. 

For the basic battle, each player selects a single character card and constructs a game deck consisting of anywhere from 10 to 40 ATTACK and MONSTER cards. Since each booster deck contains 11 cards (typically a character card, 2-3 Monster cards and the rest attack cards), this starter set contains ehough cards for a two-payer game. But it is really designed to outfit one player. Having two packs allows you a little some flexibility when you construct your deck. But fans of the game will no doubt want more cards, especially since there are not enough cards to play the advanced version of the game: you need at least three character cards - per player - to play.

The game itself is played a little like the classic card game WAR, except that instead of simultaneous laying down cards, players alternate turns to draw and play their top card. A Monster Card (usually) helps your own character; an attack card is leveled at your opponent. If the attack is more powerful than your opponent’s character, it ‘hits’ and is laid over top of the card, typically causing damage and weakening the character. Otherwise it is discarded.  Play continues until all three damage zones are covered on the losing player’s character.

This set is a great introduction to the Redakai game, and the included storage/battling unit is convenient and well worth having.




I like the fact that I can play this game with friends who have played before, the advanced version, and also I can teach other friends to play using the beginner version. 




Great cards with great images.  Fun to play for a while, then it gets boring.  The pack comes with everything you need to play the game.  It is a good pack for people just starting to play.



I love the cards and the TV show and the hero is called Kai like me!



I saw the TV show and it was really good.  The cards are 3D and when you move them back and forth it's like it's magical powers are in there. 



Easily the coolest card game I have seen in a long time. It's similar to other trading card games, but the cards are holographic, which had me and my friends transfixed. The game play itself is simple enough to understand at first, but then you discover that online there are instructions for an advanced game. This is less easy to grasp, and since we only had one set of cards, it was difficult to try this part. Still, one of my friends and I spent the better part of an afternoon playing.


Marie-Lise H.


This is probably going to be a huge hit and kids will be flipping to have Redekai cards and I just could not understand how to play it.  I am getting old, sigh, the first few times I played we jsut made a basic battle came, my card has higher point value than you so you loose your card.  It didn't make much sense but the boys loved the cards.  I also find the grafix and the 3d effect to be impressive. 

After someone else explained how the game went..I kinda felt that it was so easy I should have been able to figure it out. 

There is a TV show tied to it, but we have not been able to find it, like I said, this game will probably be a major hit. 

Kim M.


As a starter pack, Redakai comes with the basic card holder and cards. The 3D cards (both creature and attack cards) is what impresses the players the most. The convenient storage of the cards in the portable battlefield is what impresses me the most!


Manufacturer Description

Revolutionary X-Drive cards layer during game play! See your attack cards damage your opponent. Watch your power and health grow as you stack on your monstercard and transform into the galazy's most powerful warriors!

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  • 22 X-Drives