Age: 5 years and up

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Our testing families enjoyed this fun and frantic number/colour-matching, hand-clapping, bell-ringing game. Works well as a family game or for larger groups up to 9 players. Kids love the bell and it definitely enhances the game for them, although adults found it loud and annoying. 




I like the game. It's similar to Spot It but this one you clap hands and ring the bell. It often drives my mom crazy but I like it. The game often gets chaotic when I play with my dad. Its a fun game to play with my cousines at a family event where it doesn`t matter if we get loud.


Annie D.

At first, I did not like the game too much as I couldn't stand the ring after 5 minutes of play. The ring is loud enough, and my husband and son would get loud as well. However, my opinion changed when my son played with some cousins and some friends in the basement. They didn't really use the hand clapping or any gestures. They would automatically and rapidly go for the ring every time they would spot the matching number or color. My son had fun but since we already have two similar games, his interest in the game decreased a little faster compared to other games.

Sandra W.

F6 and F4 enjoyed playing this game, although F6 can more easily find matching colors or numbers than F4 can (it is recommended for ages 5+). Ringing the bell was a unique feature of the game and they especially liked doing so, but the bell started to get annoying to the adults so we started to play it with just having to clap when a match was found. Also found that the bell was loud. Liked that everything fit back into the tin it came in.


Manufacturer Description

Clap and ring your way to victory! Players continuously flip their cards until a combo is found. Be the first to find the combo, clap your hands and ring the bell. Hesitation may cost you 1st place, but if you act too quickly you may make a mistake and face a penalty! Get ready for chaotic clapping followed by lots of laughter! 2-9 plyers, 15 minutes playing time.Skills: Visual Perception; Focus & Attention; Processing Speed

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Item # 02200

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  • 90 Cards