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Rollers Get Away Garage


Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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Mom watch the car Woosh down the ramp. This is so much fun!



I love this toy. The cars can hide and they go so fast down the ramps.


Jennifer F.

The inclusion of a police car, hideout spot, and a wacky crane-elevator escape route made for high drama police vs. bad-guy chases. My boys, M5 and M7, and their friends (3 and 6) have all enjoyed this garage - they love the action of having the "robber" speeding around the ramp and the police car giving chase. The set up of this garage was a bit challenging, it comes flatpacked so you have to "snap" the pieces together, but it's one of those snaps where you are pushing it in until you're thinking the plastic is going to break - it didn't! Difficult to put together, but once assembled it's definitely very sturdy and not a chance any of those ramps are coming off no matter how many police chases go around! After a few weeks of play the set still looked brand new, so I forgive the difficulties of snapping this set together.

Shannon C.

Such a great toy. The boys (Liam 2 and Richie 4) just love playing with it. It wasn't too hard to put together and that says a ton when someone of my lack of assembly skills put it together. It works well and really holds their attention. They love sending the cars down the various ramps, and I love how other cars also fit allowing for more playtime versatility.

Annie D.

My three year old son has had the Little People Garage for 2 years now. He's not playing much with it anymore, but he loves this garage - With the crane that moves, the tracks are fast, you can pull the street longer, hide away spots, the police car and the robber, its an older version for him and a keeper.

Sylvie S.

This toy reminds me exactly of the classic Little People garage, but with added features for older kids, like an extra ramp attached to a crane for the cars to get away, and a hideout up top. It really captivates our 4 year old son's attention, he loves this toy and adores the cops and robbers concept - he loves to pretend the policeman is chasing the robber. He gets the robber to hide up top until the policeman finds him and then the chase begins. He seems to really enjoy this toy and plays with it quite a bit. He also sometimes gets his other little cars out and they join in on the chase. Assembly was a bit tricky but mom got it done, so that says alot! It took about 20 minutes and it was ready for Malik to explore.


Manufacturer Description

Kids create exciting race and chase adventures at Rollers Get Away Garage! Use the elevator to raise the Race Car to the top and – zoom – off it goes! But wait, it’s a trap! The Police Car is “magically” released from its hiding spot in hot pursuit of the speeding Race Car. Oh no, the ramp suddenly ends! The Race Car uses the crane to swing across to safety but it better look out because the crane automatically swings back to pick up the waiting Police Car…and the chase is back on! With so many cool features like cool sound effects and a roll-out road, kids discover excitement around every turn!

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  • Motorized crane swings cars to safety!