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Out testing families had mixed reaction about this corking style alternative to the popular rainbow loom bracelet fad. They liked that you could make other accessories like earrings to go with the bracelets, but were disappointed in a more limited choice of bracelet patterns. The corking tool itself is designed with removable pegs - while this design will allow for making different paterns, for the most part, it was a liability when a came out unintentionally, sometimes ruining the work done to that point. The selectio of rubber bands was our testers favourite part of this kit - and some were just happy to use their fingers to weave the patterns. 




I like making bracelets and necklaces with elastics, everyone at school is playing with those, but I didn't really like this set. There's tons of elastics, I liked that part, and lots of colours, I liked that too. But the pink thing (tool) to make stuff didn't work very well. You couldn't do a lot of different kinds of bracelets with, it was easier for me to use my fingers to make them. And the little sticks to hold the elastics kept coming off, that wasn't fun. It could totally ruin stuff I was making. I did make earrings for mom, but I would didn't need all that "girly" stuff in the box. I just wanted the elastics in the box to play with.



Yeah it has beads! It kinda works the same as a rainbow loom, but I can't make headbands. It took me a few minutes to figure out the trick and I am a rainbow loom expert. I like that there is a yellow dot that you can find where you start. The case is OK, but it's not a real case, I had to cut around the box to get it free of the cardboard, I like my rubber bands organised. The website doesn't have a lot of ideas, that's too bad, I love getting new ideas.



I like the Rubber Band Studio because of all the different things I was able to make other than just bracelets. I made earrings, ponytail holders, necklaces, bracelets and hair clips. First I was happy to see the small loom because I was able to use one hand and take it anywhere but once I started using it I noticed The loom was tricky nd not so easy because the little pink sticks kept coming out if you weren't careful. I made a lot of the things using my fingers, it was much faster. I like that the loom came with a lot of rubber bands - the different coloured rubber bands are very pretty. I liked making the chain bracelet and the flower charm.


Mireille S.

There are many pros and cons to this set. These rubber band crafts are the hottest thing in my son's (8) school right now, for girls, and boys too! My son (almost 8) was thrilled to finally have a set of his own. He was already familiar with some common weaving techniques, so he had no problems jumping right into this craft. This set offered a lot of elastics, over 400 more elastics than most other sets we've seen. My son was able to make several large projects and there are still tons of elastics left. The set offers a good variety of colours and the bands were all separated by colour in the box. What didn't appeal to us as much is obviously the fact that this set is geared mostly towards girls. The set includes attachments to make hair accessories, necklaces and earrings. It includes the instructions to make the various accessories, although we didn't always find the instructions to be very clear. The weaving tool included in the Rubber Band Studio is different than the ones that come with most sets I've seen. The tubular shape loom tool delivers slightly different designs than what you would find in other sets, but it was very limited in pattern possibilities. And, even if you went online, the majority of the loom video/patterns available were geared toward the traditional long rectangular band weaver. Also, we didn't find the hand held loom to be very sturdy. The pegs kept loosening and coming out, which ruined some of our projects. The instructions weren't always clear to follow, but that didn't seem to impact playtime too much since my son was already familiar with many techniques to weave the elastics. I did find this set to be geared very much for girls. It came with attachments for hair barrettes and earrings. My son used these to make gifts for the girls in his life. But, if I were to buy an elastic craft kit for a boy, I would get a more more gender generic kit. Overall, probably not a bad set for girls who are looking to create different accessories with their rubber band weaving, but, for a boy, or someone who isn't interested in hair accessories or jewellery, there are probably better sets out there to meet your needs.

Jo M.

Rainbow loom is very popular in our house with our two girls ages 6 and 8. The girls were very excited with the option of being able to create earrings. The circle loom is a neat idea. Unfortunately the pegs sometimes come out when you are looming which will ruin the design. The grooves in the pins on the loom match with the hook which works well once you get the hang of it. The designs and directions are easy to follow. The illustrations are not as good as the directions. There were no directions on how to use the small end of the loom. The looping hook is a little tricky to figure out especially if you are used to the rainbow loom hook. This hook has a bent edge whereas the rainbow loom has an actual hook. We found the elastics were cheap as a lot of them broke. It came with a good selection of elastics and a small plastic container to store them in but it is not of the quality to be a permanent elastic storage container.

Marie-Lise H.

I really like seeing how creative Mia (11) can be with using rubber bands. The bracelets are pretty and it's a great activity to do in the car. I don't see how this Rubber band studio can be as versatile as the Rainbow loom, but it's a good product.

Kim M.

I love how the Rubber Band Studio comes with a multitude of ideas and accessories to make different craft ideas besides the traditional bracelets. The loomer itself is different - more compact and easy to carry. The kit comes with 9 different colours. Lots of instructions for different projects. Included was a few really easy projects - earrings that didn't need looming. The only downfall is that the child cannot determine the length of the band being made because it is hidden inside the loom.


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Create rubber band bracelets and a whole lot more with the Rubber Band Studio! Take your crafting on the go with the hand-held loom. Over 1000 rubber bands allows you to create over 25 ccessories and bracelets for every outfit you own! Video instructions online.

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