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Pick a challenge and set up the cheese pieces on the 9 x 9 "cheese tray" with the mice TAILS UP (because of course they're all burried face first eating cheese). Your task: "Roll" the 6-sided cheese blocks (side over side like you would a die) until all the mice ate HEADS UP and smiling. Not surprisingly, this fun-looking puzzle was a tester famourite. It's cute - ad fun to do. Fifty challenges move from "Mild" (easy to "Extra Sharp" (hard). NOTE: If you enjoy this puzzle, you'll probably also like Hedgehog Escape by the same company. 




It's fun because you have to figure out fifty puzzles. For expert you have only a certain amount of moves, and you have to keep trying to figure out the puzzle. When you figure it out, it's fun to do. You have to use your brain. Some of the puzzles are quite hard.



it is very fun to try to put the pieces in the right positions in the right amount of moves. it can be challenging and sometimes a little frustrating but still fun.



I like that there are double pieces which make it a bigger challenge to get the heads to face up. It's hard to keep to the number of moves you are allowed to do so sometimes I do however many moves it takes even though it's kind of cheating. The challenges are hard. It's a fun game but sometimes can get frustrating!



really fun, I like flipping the cheese pieces so the little mouse face looks up.  I like their little tail, it's really cute. It's not to hard to do, I got to puzzle 10 fast.  I am really good at flipping cheese!



It's a small version of the Hedgehog game. I don't play that I have to solve it in the amount of moves it says- just that I have to get all the mice heads to face up. I don't really like that there are the double pieces- they're much harder to figure out.



I liked playing with it. It's the kind of game I like to play--just pushing around the pieces until I find a solution. The design is really cute--the mice are quite amusing.



I like the little mouse bums sticking out and the big smiles on the mice.  The game is good and I like that they give you the number of moves to solve it in.  It's harder that way.



It's very much like Rush Hour. It's more enjoyable because you can flip the pieces over. The many "cards" that come with the game are helpful in playing with game because there are many choices.



It's alot of fun--it's a moving puzzle. You can stick the mouse's face into the board. When you flip it over, you say "Finally!" The instructions tell you how to play it--they're really easy instructions.



I liked how the squares flipped over and over. It was really neat and challenging at the same time.


Golda W.


This is a very cute puzzle that appeals to young children, but can be challenging even for adults to figure out--particularly if you try to keep your moves down to the posted minimum.

Jennifer B.


This game was not the favorite, but after talking with my daughter about it, it still was an enjoyable game. Personally, I liked how compact it was, easy to store, easy to travel with and the pieces were big enough not to lose. The instructions were clear. Not, as easy as the other games to just pick up and play, there was some figuring out to do by reading the instructions thoroughly. Good quality, good game.

Rebecca Y.


A very cute brainteaser. It was quite challenging to get the pieces the right way up in the number of moves specified. For the difficult challenges and for the younger kids, we ignored the number of moves that was required.

Krista M.


This was a great brainteaser. It had quite a few puzzles and it was simple enough to figure out with trial and error. Some of the puzzles were easier then others, but it created quite a challenge.

Marie-Lise H.


Well done puzzle, it starts off really easy to solve and gets progressively harder, but Mia got so motivated solving the easier ones that she didn't give up when she got to harder ones.  What I really liked was that they gave the amount of minimal moves you could use to solve.  Even when I solved one if I used more moves than was indicated I would play until I got the same number. It's like a personal challenge.

Conor M.

Other Adult

Felt similar to puzzles like Hedgehog Escape by the same company. The variation of this puzzle is that you aren't trying to get any pieces out, only trying to get them all face-up. Started off very simple, and suddenly got much harder.

Joyce S.


The big smiles on the mice are funny and having to get the pieces to turn from their bums to the faces is really cute. The game is also really fun to do as you have to do it in a certain number of moves. Challenging and fun.


Manufacturer Description

Welcome to say cheese! 

Dinner is over and everyone’s gone, now all the mice will party till dawn. To record the event won’t you help them please? They must all face up and then say cheese! 

The Set up: Choose a challenge from the booklet and arrange the blocks of cheese so all the mice tails are facing up, matching the challenge illustration. 

The Goal: Roll the cheese blocks within the grid until all the mice heads are facing up. 

The Challenges: There are 50 cheesy challenges to solve arranged mild (easy) to extra sharp (hard). And, if your brain starts feeling like cheese fondue, don’t panic! We have included a solution to each challenge showing you how to get all the heads facing up in the fewest number of rolls. 

So what are you waiting for? Say cheese!

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