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An excellent use of technology to enhance play opportunities. Kids can explore letter combinations with an electronic "mentor" that instantly verifies when they create a real word. From an educational perspective, it's unfortunate that there's no un-timed "explore" option, because in the frantic rush to think up as many combinations as possible, it's difficult to note the new words you do find - let alone look them up in a dictionary. And while the unit lets you know the total number of word combinations possible, it would have been nice to see those words. Nevertheless, as a simple game, this one gets top marks for fun.




I like this game a lot because you can play with 2 people but I like that I can play by myself.  Even if I don't know the right spelling of a word I can still get points by putting the blocks together and guessing a word.  It is not hard to learn to play.  I find the 2 nd game where you try to guess 1 word with 5 letters to be more of a challenge, but you have time to think and try to guess it right before the time is out.



I like playing it, I feel happy when I made the word. Sometimes I don't even know what I am doing and it actually came out as a word !



I like it very much because I can learn new vocabulary this way, I also enjoy the timer, which gets me to think faster for words


Marie-Lise H.

We are testing the french version of this game.  I love it!  French toys are hard to find and a good educational one that helps with reading and spelling is even rarer. 

OK the working of the toy:  there are no accents so an E and be an É,È o rÊ.  that is the only thing I have a problem with as I find it hard to make a word and think of the sounds it makes without the visual clue of the accent, so for me an E was an E.  Once I started thinking a bit less literally I was able to make many more words.  I have yet to be able to make all the words that the computer tells me I should have been able to do and the words that I missed are not listed so that I can learn from my mistakes, I just have to get better by myself.  fair enough, it would be too much to expect a revision from the cubes.  I do like that even if you don't know the words you can just combine cubes together and the computer is smart enough to know when I made a word it recognizes and gives me points for it.  As an interesting sidebar if you have 2 letters the same, for example an "s"  and you make a word with 1 "s", if you replace that letter with thte other S and leave the other cubes as is, it counts as another word. I really like  game 2 where the 5 cubes spell out 1 5 letter word and if you can't guess it , the real answer will be given at the end.  Now I don'T know if there are more than 1 correct answer.  This game interest our neighbor's child who is learning French, he found it really fun to play.

Kim M.


The more we are exposed to this game, the more we like it!

Chantelle M.

Other Relative

I really liked this game for both kids and adults. I enjoyed playing it - like any addictive game, it takes some practice, but it becomes more fun as you play more. I was surprised at how good my 8 year old nephew was at playing the game - experimenting with the letters in order to make words. Seems like it would be good to help him with literacy.

Ann L.

Amazing game!!! If I could give it a 12 on 10 I would. The perfect travel game, to play alone or with others. If you like scrabble this is a must have.

Sara C.


It's great to see kids playing and learning (literally) at the same time, they first try putting the words they know together, when those run out they get creative with different combination, surprised and happy if they create a new word in the end, the go look into the dictionary.


Manufacturer Description

It's up to you to find words in a "flash" with this fun, electronic version of the classic SCRABBLE game! Use the interactive SmartLink tiles to build your words and they'll flash and beep with each word you make! They'll also automatically time your turns and display your score with the maximum possible score. Put your skills to the test with three different solo and competitive games and slide, swap and shuffle your way to a win. It's fast-paced, addictive, word-building fun! Includes 5 SmartLink letter tiles, storage box and rules.

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Item: 24860 / C-042A

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