Age: 7 years and up

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Scrapbooking fans love that this banner takes your pictures out of a book, and displays your little remembrances where you can see them all the time. Our testers loved the generous assortment of supplies - lots to choose from, and even enough to decorate both sides of the banner if you want. The only caution is to remember that the banner flages are smaller than a scrapbook page, which limits the size of pictures you can use. 




I love my banner. It looks so good in my room. I love all the pink stuff on it..the material i used was neat. i really like the flag shapes. it was easy to put the string through the holes.



I had a fun time creating my banner. I hung it on my wall in my room. It looks really fantastic and its nice to have all my memories displayed. I highly recommended this craft for other girls!



It is fun to make and they give you tons of supplies to make it cute. The finished product turned out adorable especially when hanging from the door frame of my room. The annoying part of it though was that there wasn't really enough space on the flags for bigger pictures and there was limited space to decorate. But the colours are pretty and it was fun to do.



I like this better than regular scrapbooking because this you actually hang up and you can see it everytime you walk into the room. Regular scrapbooking it is just in a book. I like that there are two different shapes for the banner because it makes it more interesting and you can fit different shaped pictures on it. It looks very pretty and it's fun to make. I like that they give you 12 different background pieces of paper because if you are doing just one side, you have a lot to choose from and you can do both sides of the banner if you want. The only bad part is if you touch the ribbon it sheds some sparkles. The instructions are fine.


Joyce S.

My daughter (10) has spent the last hour choosing pictures, picking backgrounds, matching colours so that her side of the banner will look great. It's easy to use and allows creativity in the outcome. The paper patterns are pretty and you can choose between a variety of patterns or colours. I like that the banner can be done on two sides as I have two girls (10 & 14) who are making it. The only thing I don't like is that the ribbon the banner is on has glitter (we are not big glitter fans in my house) but the ribbon is very pretty. It will be fun for the girls to hang it on their doorway.

Liz H.

This is an excellent craft set. Young girls can create and personalize a banner which they can be proud of. The kit is reasonably priced and includes everything you need. There is a significant amount of materials included in the kit and the selection is fantastic. This would make an great gift!

Orietta M.


Love the banner my daughter (7) made. it is hanging very proudly over her desk. the colours are her favourite and the little add ons to make it creative are wonderul. just love how it all comes in a box and you don't have to add more than that if you don't want to.


Manufacturer Description

Scrapbook Banner is a fantastic memory craft that puts a spin on traditional scrapbooking. for parties and room decor. Make your own personalized banner with brightly colored felt, pretty papers, fabric trims, photos and scrapbook accents. The finished banner measures 8' long or you can use the supplies included to make several individual banners. When you are done you can use the sequin ribbon to hang the banners.

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  • Tulle Ribbon - 8 feet (250 cm)