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SESAME STREET PLAYSKOOL Elmo's Find & Learn Alphabet Blocks

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 2 to 4 years

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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I like learning my letters with mommy and you have to turn the blocks around and around to find the right one. They stick to the fridge too!


Kendra D.


My daughter really likes Elmo but gets quite frustrated as she can't do what Elmo is asking her to do. This is would be a good tool for a 3+ child who is working in letter recognition but is a little too advanced for 2 year olds.

Jennifer S.


I found this toy extremely difficult for my 2.5F She was interested initially, but after a few tries, she gave up and moved on to another toy. The challenge is that most kids this toy is recommended for, do not have the letter recognition. Even if they did, they would have to be able to manipulate it into the precise square of Elmo. I thought that it was cute to say the animal and object that went with the letter, but overall, we were very disappointed.

Tammy W.


Ava f3 liked playing with the blocks, but preferred me asking her what the letters were or to find the letter than playing with elmo. we were able to test the cookie monster with the numbers as well and the number blocks from cookie work with elmo so thats a definite plus! It took Ava a while to figure out that the block had to be facing outwards to get it right. Volume button would be great!


Manufacturer Description

Elmo makes learning fun! Alphabet learning is communicated when children place one of seven letter blocks in Elmo’s lap. Elmo can identify the letter in his lap, sing the alphabet song, and even has a question mode. Other characters sold separately. However, all blocks are interchangeable between characters.

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