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SET JUNIOR board game

Set Enterprises, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $13.99

MSRP (USD): $13.99

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A little more challenging most preschool games, but still popular with our testing families. Like the original classic visual perception game, this junior version is all about making sets of three cards where any given attribute (the COLOR, SHAPE or NUMBER of objects) is either THE SAME on all three cards, or DIFFERENT on all three cards. What makes this game easier is having only three atributes (instead of four) to compare*. As well, the the double-sided game board offers two levels of play. The set making concept in this game can be a little confusing to grasp, so our testing families were glad that one side features an easier BINGO-like game where players take turns adding a tile to a matching spot on the board, hoping to complete one of the sets pictured there. As kids get more comfortable understanding what makes a set, they can progress to the more challenging game on the other side, where rather than taking turns, players race to spot a match amongst the ten face up tiles on the board. *NOTE: In the original game, instead of the pictured objects all being solidly coloured, they are illustrated with differential shading as a fourth attribute (solid, striped or just an outline).




I like to make the set to get a point.



The game on the first side-you match it and it's so easy to find. I love the game and it's an amazing game. It teaches you about matching and matching is one of my favorite games. The second side is very very fun too but that one is less hard. I found all of the matching ones.



I like to make a set. I like getting coins. I like matching and counting coins. I win when I get the most coins.



This game is awesome! I can make it harder or easier, my favourite is the line game. It's fun and I always win. I'm great at matching!



I liked being able to keep my cards secret and then surprise my mommy with a win. I like the game where you get the lines best. I figured out a trick that if you save the middle tile for the final move for that board then you get more points. I used this to beat my mommy and daddy at the game.


Christina B.

Lily (4), her dad and I loved pulling this game out and playing together. We all played it together about once a week when we had time as a family. It was great because it was a great game for her, and it was great for adults to enjoy as well. It took a bit of practice for Lily (4) to fully understand all the rules, but overall they were easy enough to understand and yet still provided some challenge for her to win. She is quick at finding some sets and seemed to enjoy this game. A great addition to a family game night when younger players are involved.

Sandra W.


Fun game with different levels of complexity as there are 2 sides of the board. Can start off as an easier matching game for the younger ones (number, color, or shape on the tiles)and progress to the second side where they have to find a set as fast as possible from 10 tiles facing up. They also liked collecting little chips once they completed the set. Board, tiles, and chips all stored in box in between play sessions. Instructions easy to understand. Game a little harder for F4, she preferred just the matching side. However, F6 was able to play both sides easily. Interesting game that makes matching fun. Also teaches the concept of different and same when determining what a 3 tile set is.

Shannon C.

Fun game. Easy to learn. Well made. Was a bit confusing at first as I had never played it before, but once we figured it out it was a ton of fun. I love how it has two play options. Well made and stores nicely. Great game for family game night.

Allison M.

My son (7) loved the matching aspect and it was a bit easier then the regular version of set. The addition of the extra style of play was great. There are two styles of game you can play. One is just a slightly adjusted version of the original set game. It removes the fill type [shaded aspect] so there are only three characteristics to use for sets. This makes it easier for kids to find sets. The issue comes with different skill levels. My 4 and 7 year old can not really play this together as my 7 year old will always find sets before his little sister. Same issue with parents and kids playing together. If the adult tries, they will almost always beat the kid. The other game was better matched. There was an element of randomness about it and my son came up with a strategy to help him win. It's great for improving pattern matching skills but it works better as a solo game on the one side. The other game is quick and my son enjoyed it quite a bit.

Wendy K.

This game far exceeded my expectations. I love that there are two sides to this board game, one more for beginners/younger children, and the other side for more advanced/older kids. It's educational and fun - amazing for pattern recognition and strategic planning and great for all ages, too, so a 3 year old can play with a 6 year old without any problem. It keeps my kids (F3, M5) occupied for a very long time and they never seem to get tired of it! My daughter especially loves it, even though she never understood the harder level completely. My son appreciated it more once he understood it better. Both my kids always took out this game whenever they had friends over. It really has everything I could ask for in a board game and it comes at a great price too!


Manufacturer Description

The inventor of SET has done it again! Marsha Falco has taken her award-winning family favorite, SET, and adapted it for children as young as 3. The long-awaited, much-anticipated SET Junior is here! With new concepts built on the principles of the original game Marsha has geared SET Junior toward younger minds.

Parents who have been hooked on SET for years can now introduce it to their kids as early as preschool!

How to Play: SET Junior is two games in one box! It’s a two-sided board game designed to grow with the child. Side one teaches matching using colors, shapes and numbers. The magic squares on the board have SETs in all directions and start to familiarize kids with what the different types of SETs look like. Players take turns matching their tiles to the corresponding squares on the board and collecting point chips for completing SETs.

Once they have learned to identify SETs, kids can flip the board and race to find as many SETs as possible! On side two of the board there are 10 squares where tiles are placed face up. Each tile contains three features, symbol (oval, squiggle or diamond), color (red, purple or green) and number (one, two or three). A SET is three tiles where each feature, when looked at individually, is either ALL THE SAME or ALL DIFFERENT. When a player finds a SET they shout "SET" and remove the SET from the board, scoring one point. The dealer replaces the three tiles and the fun continues. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Why You'll Love SET Junior: Marsha’s ability to disguise learning with fun has endeared her games to many people over the years. She has really outdone herself this time by creating a super-fun kids game that is excellent for developing right-brain left-brain connectivity and increasing cognitive and logical functionality at a critical stage in a child’s development.

SET Junior is so much fun that kids will ask to play over and over and parents will have the satisfaction that their kids are learning while playing a game they love!

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  • 24 point chips