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Shadows in the Forest™

ThinkFun Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

We love the innovative premise of this game – a darkened room with a lantern to cast shadows form the 3-D cardboard trees on the board. The glow-in-the-dark die was also a hit (though it did work best with a quick recharge mid-game). Played cooperatively, the goal for the shadowlings is to move through the shadows – but never in the light, trying to all meet up behind one of the trees. The challenge is to anticipate where the seeker lantern might move to next, to avoid getting caught in the light. An interesting game, though it’s a little more difficult than we expected since the darkened room makes it difficult to see and move the shadowlings. One solution is to allow a lighted moment for shadowlings to make their moves.




The board is really well made and the glowing of the dice is a really great idea. The characters can hide really well in a dim light to make it hard for the finder. I liked the idea of playing with a lantern and looking for shadows and trying to find where you could go without going in the lantern. The artwork on the board and in the trees was really good with little owls and other creatures in the trees. The problem was that the game could be a never ending loop. The person looking for the shadowlings would find one or two but then they would become unfrozen. The game could take forever with the finder and the shadowlings never able to finish off the game. It was kind of boring for the finder since you had to look away from the board for a long time while the shadowling people made their choices. If the finder could move further (say with 2 dice) then the game could have ended faster.


Allison M.

I was really excited to play this game and we played it right away when we got it. The game has beautiful artwork on the board and on the trees. My daughter (8) loved the cute shadowlings and the idea of playing a game in the dark using a lantern was a great idea and appealing to all of us. The rules were easy to understand and the game was easy to learn. All seemed set for us to really enjoy this game. The first time we played, the game ended after 2 turns as we were able to get all the shadowlings into a single spot almost right away. I reviewed the rules to see if we missed anything and we didn't. We thought we would give it another try to see if that would happen next time. The next game we played went on for more than an hour and showed no signs of ending before we finally gave up. The finder (who was getting very bored looking away while others were planning the strategy) kept freezing some but not all of the shadowlings and the shadowling team could rescue the shadowlings but not all of them. Neither team ever seemed like it was going to win and the game kept going in circles with neither team ever approaching a win. We were unable to play the game and have it last a reasonable amount of time. My daughter did love the board and the shadowlings and played pretend with it a few times but no one was interested in further playing the game as you would either win right away or the game would go on with no end in sight. I feel like with some adjustments then this problem could be fixed. The game has some great ideas and is a beautiful looking game. I loved that it taught the kids more to think about where shadows form. My kids learned more about where the shadows and streams of light would appear based on the placement of the trees and the lantern.


Manufacturer Description

The strategy board game that you play in the dark! One player moves the LED lantern around the board in search of shadowlings, mysterious creatures who avoid the light. The lantern illuminates the forest and trees, casting real shadows on the board that become part of the game. The rest of the players work together, strategically moving their shadowlings around the board to stay out of the light. If all the shadowlings can unite behind one tree, they win! Shadows in the Forest offers a unique semi-cooperative play experience the whole family will enjoy.


  • 1 Folded Game Board

  • 1 Mini Lantern (batteries included)

  • 1 Glow-in-the-Dark Die

  • 10 Hiding Places (assembly required)

  • 6 Shadowlings

  • 6 Shadowling Masks