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Shake 'n Take™ The Fast and Frantic Search for Aliens!

Out of the Box Publishing

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $27.99

MSRP (USD): $27.99

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Our testers loved the fast and exciting search for aliens whose body type matches the shape rolled on the die. You never know how long you have while another player shakes the "egg" trying to roll the alien face that puts an end to the search. We like that the double-sided game mats have a simpler side to help younger kids can stay competitive when they play with older kids. Also that the game allows for 2 alien hunters and 2 rescuers when larger groups play to help keep the game moving and everyone involved. 




It`s fun when we start to circle the aliens, exciting when we turn the dice and see the alien head and frustrating that sometimes just when you are about to start circling, someone else gets the alien head and you have to stop. One of my friends would get so excited that she would scream in my ears when she would roll the alien on the dice. We kept telling her not to yell, but she could't stop herself she was really excited! When the others where done playing I wanted to continue, so I made up my own game, I used the microwave timer and set it for a minute and I would roll the dice and try to find as many aliens as I could in that minute. Not as easy as it sounds!



This is a really fun game to play.  It is cute that one side of the board is simplier shapes to start off with, and then the other side is a little more confusing for more of a challenge. 



This game was fun. I liked that there was different levels of difficulty, so I could play with my little brother.  I really liked the alien marker!



This game is lots of fun. I like making up new rules and we do different things It is easy to play and the markers are fun.



This game is fun but not when you play with girls who are really excitied and scream everytime they roll the right dice.  That gets hard on the ears.  It's a really creative way to use forms and stuff.  I really liked to play.



I don't like that sometimes it's impossible to get the alien when you're rolling in the egg. Sometimes when you circle, it erases and you're supposed to win but you don't.



It's really fun to find all the things on the board and I like the cute alien marker holder.  It's fun to play.



The game looks cool, but it was that fun.

Joshua Sandhu


Like the game.  Laughed a lot.  Interesting that it is Aliens instead of the regular pions.

Jeremy Sandhu


Fun to play with aliens. Looks like they will be caught in a bubble on the box.When you take the pen away, you sometimes caused scribbles on the other's card



This is a fun and fast game where you have to circle the shapes as fast as you can until the alien is rolled. I like it except it is too easy for my age. I think it should be for 5 or 6 and up.


Joyce S.


My kids really enjoyed this.  It's very easy to play and the kids just took to it. 

Liz H.


This was a fun game and educational too!  As it had '2 levels' of play, different age groups could participate in the game.  It was good for little ones (3 to 5 years), as it helped with shape recognition and turn taking.  The game cards were durable and the dry-erase markers could be easily re-placed if the ink dries out.

Rebecca Y.


A bit of a silly game, but it's fast-moving and fun. There's not much too it- you're trying to circle all of the shapes on your card that match the shape on the die before someone else rolls the alien. It didn't say what to do if you've circled all of a certain shape so we played that you had to pass. The kids had fun and my daughter kept on wanting to play more and more.

Amy C.


A fun quick game.  Lyra created some new versions.  We enjoy pulling this game out and playing a few rounds of alien and shape hunting.

Helene L.


Love this game. Heard the kids laughd from the second floor. They got it right away and played three times with it already.

Marie-Lise H.


The first time we played we ended up playing a best of 5 games. This is not a thinking type of a game, mostly luck of the dice. the play mats have 2 sides so that the younger kids can recognize the shapes faster, this keeps them in the game with the older kids. Best little game we`ve played in a while. And it can be played up to 10 people, that would be a riot!


Manufacturer Description

Aliens are on the loose and it's up to you to capture them! Everybody's got aliens, but there are only two capture markers. Catch as many aliens as you can, before the next player grabs the capture marker right out of your hand. Be the first to capture all of your aliens and win!

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