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Shape Sorting Presents

Learning Resources, Inc.

Age: 3 to 8 years

MSRP (CAD): $36.99

MSRP (USD): $32.99

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Bright colours and the festive look of presents instantly appealed to our kid testers, who delighted in sorting an imprssive variety of pictures of familiar, everyday objects (90 total), and posting them into six correspondingly shaped boxes: circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle and star. Parents were happy to observe that the use of everyday objects, as well as suggested activities like a "shape walk", helped extend the learning and inpired kids to notice and point out the shapes of real objects as well. The quality of this laminated cardboard toy is truly impressive. We numbered a couple of teachers and a daycare provider amongst our testing families, so the toy was well used at home and in both classroom and daycare settings, yet, the samples still look good as new after two months of daily play.




Mommy, this game is cool! I can match all the shapes, and fill the boxes.



"theres too many" "here's a present for you daddy- no peeking!" "what's this mommy?"



I like the guessing game. I also like tricking mom by putting the wrong shape in the box.



I think it's too easy for me Mommy



"I really like playing this sorting game. I just sometimes get mixed up with the square and rectangle, other than that it is pretty fun and easy to do.


Jennifer S.


A great learning centre for your home or your child's classroom (JK or Preschool). There are a lot of different suggestive ways to play with this toy with your child. The boxes were sturdy and colourful. It was easy to store an put away.

Lisa G.


This toy looked very good as an educator and I was very excited to test it! Unfortunately Zahra (4)doesn't like being tested by me very much. I left the box open with the pieces in a little box beside so she can sort at her leisure. Gradually she did sort all the of the pieces (there are many) but I can't be sure if she cheated as on the back of the every day item it has the shape written in crayon. This appears cute with little birthday presents - she liked using them for pretend play and hiding "gifts" for daddy in them. They should be used with supervision as they are made of cardboard and wear is visible. Lots of great everyday item vocabulary is taught and recognition of 6 different shapes is learnt. Good precursor skill of For object function and description for JK-SK learners. Just needs right combination of teacher-student.

Julie J.


Very limited appeal once your child learns their shapes.

Krista M.

"This game has gotten a lot of use amongst all my kids (F2 & F4) and daycare kids (F19m, F2, F3, M3, M6). They associate easily with the every day shapes and are able to bring the shapes they learn in the game into everyday life. The present boxes are holding up well and are easy to insert the cards into and open to take them back out. Great introductory game for younger kids and practice for the older ones.


Manufacturer Description

Wrap some fun around shape sorting! Sort photo cards into uniquely shaped gift boxes.

Model Number

LER 3071

Year Introduced



  • Activity Guide


  • Largest box measures 5.5"L x 4"W x 3”H