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Silly Scents Marker Maker


Age: 6 years and up

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

We love the simplicity of this marker making set - just the essential tools, including a well-designed stand that both holds the barrel in place, and protects the tip when you press down to snap the back section in place. Our testers loved mixing the primary colours to create create their own unique shade. And no matter the combination, the fruit scented colours always smell good.




It was fun to make the markers and I was able to do it by myself. I really like that the markers are smelly. I colour with them at school and everyone likes them. I also really like the smelly stickers and colouring them with my smelly markers. I wish it came with more markers.



You can make your own markers,not just regular markers........ACTUAL SCENTED MARKERS!!!!!!!!!!!! It's fun that when you are done making your markers you can actually color your own stickers, to make them smell, too. (they are fruit stickers). I like that that you label them with already scented stickers. It's a little messy, though.



I like that you can make a marker and they smell. They are really good for coloring. You can put whatever the smell is, and you can put the sticker of the smell of the fruit on the marker. I like putting the liquid for smelling because it is fun to have a smell and to put stickers on it. There are stickers you can color and they will smell from the markers. But more fruit stickers are needed just in case two people have the same fruit and there is no more stickers.



I want to make every colour! The ink smells really yummy. It's so cool that I can make my own markers. It's a bit hard to put them together, but I really like mixing the colours.


Sandra W.

F6 and F9 were very excited to try this toy. They liked being able to make their own scented marker, but needed adult help to squeeze the bottles of scented ink and to snap all the pieces of the marker tightly in place. It was fun to watch the cores soak up the ink, through the transparent marker barrels. They liked being able to choose which markers to make from the color mixing guide and to keep their markers in their own cardboard box. They did use the markers more initially, but now they are just like any other marker they own. Surprisingly, they did not color the stickers that came with the kit but they may have just forgotten about them.

Wendy K.

My kids (F6 and M8) loved the entire process of making these marker, and especially the smells. As soon as they finished making them, they put their markers in the boxes that came in the set and took their boxes to school. The younger siblings were excited to keep the stickers. My 6 year old had trouble at first, but my 8 year old was able to help her and she was able to do it by herself in the end. The only real issue my kids had was that despite following the instructions for how to get certain colours (ie. 3 drops of one colour and 12 of another), the colour never quite turned out exactly as it was supposed to. That said, they were still happy with the result. My kids say that one of the markers isn't working so well anymore, but overall, they seem to be doing just fine.

Rebecca D.

This marker making kit makes it very easy to make the markers. Everything is included and it's really fun to see how the markers come together. Raina, 6, put together 8 markers in her first play session. I helped read the instructions, and there were a couple markers that I had to help with the final snap into place, but otherwise she was able to do everything by herself. She loves mixing the colours and then putting all the marker pieces together. It's pretty cool to see how the markers go together. Once she put together one set, she was excited to start colouring with them. I was worried it would be messy, but there were no spills or issues when she was putting the markers together by herself. Making the markers is a great activity for showing how colours mix together. The kids have to measure the inks and mix them together following the instructions. Raina was so happy with the markers she made all by herself. Each step of the process was easy to follow and a lot of fun too. From mixing the colours to snapping the marker together and then decorating with stickers, she loved the process. At the end of the making process she was excited to colour with the markers.


Manufacturer Description

The Crayola Silly Scents Marker Maker lets kids create custom colored markers that smell good! Use the color mixing guide to create favorite colors, or experiment and make up your own. Comes with all the tools you need to assemble your markers, plus scratch ‘n sniff stickers and a color mixing guide.


  • Marker Snapping Tool

  • Measuring Tube & Base

  • (1) Tweezers

  • (16) Marker Part Sets (barrels, cores, tips, caps, plugs)

  • (1) Sheet of Scratch ‘n Sniff Stickers

  • (2) Sheets of blank stickers (color in w/ scented markers you made)

  • (3) Bottles of Scented UC ink (blue, red, yellow)

  • (2) (8 ct.) Marker Storage Boxes

  • (1) Color Mixing Guide

  • Instructions


  • Create 16 custom colored fruity scented markers

  • 2 boxes for storage!

  • Comes with a sheet of scratch ‘n sniff stickers for extra scented fun!