Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $11.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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This game is so cool! I love smacking the cards and can play it a long time! Whoever smacks it first will get the pile. I like the challenge cards because whoever has the biggest number on their card will get the pile. These cards are really, really fun.


Susan C.

The rules of this game are very simple and quick to explain to children. My kids F4 and M7 played this together with my husband and I only a few times. Although, it was quick to start to play they did not enjoy the game and it actually would make them quite upset and would turn their smacking to each other instead of the cards! The reason they were upset was that there was too many opportunities to loose. The game is better played fast because otherwise the person turning the cards has control and can see the fastest. The speed was stressful for them and losing a challenge was rough too especially if it happened a couple times in a row. The box holding the cards fell apart pretty quickly. The details on the back of the cards is nice with the design but the number side is pretty basic and almost boring. I did appreciate as a parent the actual writing of the number though.

Jennifer Y.

We all found this game to be boring and simple. I could not convince my husband, Jack (M10) and Chloe (F7) to play Smack It after our initial testing session. You just lay down your cards until a 'Challenge' card appears and then high card wins or until a 'Smack It' card appears and the fastest smack wins the pile. Save your money and stick to a regular deck of cards.

Sandra W.

Easy to learn and fun card game. Initially, F6 was very interested in playing with it. F6 and I enjoyed trying to smack the cards as soon as possible when the "smack it" card was dealt. When the "challenge" card is dealt, the players flip over their next card to see who has the highest number on their card. It is a good math skill for F6 to figure out who has the highest number. However her interest waned because of difficulty finding someone who could play with her, as she only has younger siblings. She enjoyed being able to smack the pile of cards when the Smack It card was played. She also liked having to think about which card had the highest number when the Challenge card was played. It was easy enough for F6 to understand how to play it. Like that it is an easy game to play and that it is portable (deck of cards). Like that it challenges their math skills to quickly figure out who has the highest numbered card.

Wendy K.

The game was a big hit when we first got it, but interest waned quickly, especially for my 6 year old. The box says it's for ages 6+, but I think it's actually more appropriate for my 4 year old (who knows her numbers fairly well). She always enjoys card games and anything that involves numbers, so she still likes the game, but she typically opts to play a different card game instead.


Manufacturer Description

Smack it! is fast-paced, rowdy fun. Players quickly flip their cards into a central pile and battle for the pile during challenge rounds. But stay sharp—you never know when a Smack it! card will appear, sending players scrambling for a win. Smack it! is easy to learn, fun to play, and sure to be a hit with the whole family.

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