Age: 4 years and up

Production Status: In Stores

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A fun logic puzzle with a popular theme. Pictures indicate where some of the characters are standing. The puzzle is to figure out where Snow White is. We love that easier puzzles show the characters outside the front of theh house, and others show the characters inside, with some characters hiding behind the closed door and window shutters.


Manufacturer Description

Where is SnowWhite? Once upon a time… Discover the magic of the popular fairy tale in this wonderful brain teaser for preschoolers. Can you find out where to put SnowWhite between the 7 dwarfs and the wicked witch? You can play on both sides of the beautiful 3D home. Start from the backside and use logic to find the place of the remaining dwarves, the witch and SnowWhite. Then you can play from the front side. Open and close the doors and windows to check their placement with the solution.


  • 3D house 7 Dwarves (3 single figures, 2 double figures)

  • SnowWhite figure

  • Evil Queen figure

  • 48 challenges (24 from the backside and 24 from the front side)

  • family friendly picture book with a modern twist on the original story