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Solar Cooking Science

Thames & Kosmos

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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Does it feel hot enough to fry an egg? Use this solar cooling kit to find out if it really is. Hard to imagine a few pieces of shiny cardboard creating enough heat to cook food – especially when you aren’t lighting them on fire. But assembled, they make a parabolic cooker. Just add a little mid-day sun and you'll generate enough heat to cook with. Our testers had fun melting chocolate and using it to dip their fruit. But unless perhpas you have perfect conditions, this parabolic cooker didn't get hot enough to actually boil water, or even cook an egg. The small black cookpot did get hot enough to be a brun concern, though, so adult supervision is recommended. Parents noted also that it's shape and small size make it a nuissance to clean. A fun demonstration of the power of green energy, with enough background information to get kids thinking.  Works best on a cloudless, wind-free day.




I like to cook things in the solar oven. It's pretty fun to use and building it was fun too. You shouldn't keep it in the sun too long, or it get's overcooked because it won't stop cooking by itself.



I enjoyed setting this solar cooker up but it was very light and the ind kept knocking it over.  It melted chocolate fairly quickly even on a partially cloudy day. The container was small and hard to clean after.



It's fun, because you can cook anything in it, not just the stuff on the paper. It's weird how you use a clothespin instead of a glove or something.



It really melts chocolate fast!  We were able to have a chocolate fondue in our backyard..that is a really funny idea!  I can't wait to try it at the campground this summer.


Jennifer K.


we set the solar cooker up on a fpartially cloudy day.  Other than having to set it up repeatedly because the wind kept blowing it over, the chocolate melted quite quickly.  We enjoyed dipping marshmallows in it.

Marie-Lise H.


 heard of it being hot enough to cook a egg...well with this thing it is a reality!   We used chocolate chips and they melted quickly, by the time we had finished the setup it was 5pm, and I was a little weary as the instruction say the best time to cook was 11-3pm, but it worked fine, granted we did not do it for long, just enough that everyone could eat some chocolate coated blueberries.  We would have to investigate how we could cook more quantity at a time.  The panels could be detached and folded to bring with us to a campground.   Great experiment

Golda W.

Straightforward to put together, fairly easy to position properly, and fun to use. It's particularly good at picnics, as it travels compactly and works well for melting chocolate chips and browning toast fingers.


Manufacturer Description

Construct a parabolic solar cooker with 14 interlocking foil pieces that reflect and focus the sun’s radiation on a small cooking container. Heat water or melt chocolate to make an environmentally friendly fondue. Learn about solar thermal energy, a powerful and promising source of renewable energy.

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  • 3 Wooden clothespin clips