Age: 6 years and up

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MSRP (USD): $17.99

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It was an interesting though weird experience. It was interesting to be an alien with big bug-eyes. It was weird because you can't fly over the Earth, even though you're supposed to be invading the planet, not other aliens.



Not my favourite game. i have to keep asking if i am moving the piece the right way and my mom doesn't know either so we just played we thought we should;



I like that when I jump another player then they go in my jail.



I love space and I love checkers but I didn't like space checkers. I couldn't see the purpose of it and we could understand the rules.


Golda W.


When they first starting playing with the game, the boys (9 & 11) had a bit of difficulty with the rules, but they quickly caught on and prefer space checkers to either chess or checkers, which they regularly played before.

Oriettac M.


Neat concept. It has a bit of checkers movement but with a twist. trouble is that the instructions are not clear and then you don't know if you are suppose to move your man in a specific direction or not.

Orietta M.


I was expecting the traditional checkers game with an alien twist. i had a bit of difficulty figuring out how the game works. There are too many rules for a traditional game. I think this will lose the joy of playing the traditional game.

Marie-Lise H.


Had we been able to understand the rules we could have liked this game. The boys( 8 & 10 ) made up their own rules which where a little more like regular checkers but the big planet in the middle would hinder play. I had really liked to have been able to play checkers with 4 people.

Jo M.

This is a great concept but needs work. It isn't tradition checkers by any means because there are up to 4 players. The kids (F6, M8) love the board and the coloured pieces. They love that once you capture an opponent you put them in your prison. The problem is that the rules are not clear. If the rules were clear then I think we would've enjoyed the game more.


Manufacturer Description

Four races of aliens have discovered Earth. All of then want to invade the planet, and they're not interested in sharing. The races agree to decide the matter in a space showdown. The winner takes all, with Earth the prize.

But you don't have to be from another galazy to enjoy this game. Space Checkers combines the luck of dice wioth the strategy of checkers. And yiou can even carry out a sneak attack by warping across the game board.  

OBJECT: To capture any 10 opponents before any other player. A player captures an opponent's pawn by jumping over it.

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