Age: 8 years and up

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Instead of the spelling bee-style game our teting parents expected, this game was more like a party game challenge. The basic idea is to toss the letter dice and think up words that include (or sometimes exclude) one or more of the letters rolled. The challenge is to match the made up words to challenges like: name soemthing green, something you could find att he zoo, an object you can see now, etc. Lots of fun, and very popular with our 8+ kid-testers.




It's for bigger kids. It's not fun. It's not really my thing.



It's really hard because I'm not fast enough to find a word when I played with older people. It's fun because it's exciting to see who's going to win each round.



I like this game because it's very fast. I like playing with fewer people because then I have time to think. Lots of times there are same questions over and over and it gets annoying.



It was fun, but we went through all of the cards in one shot. I practically know all the questions off by heart. I wouldn't play it again.



I liked everything about this game except when you play with a lot of people, you can't tell who calls out first.



I liked the game, it was fun to play. It was very funny with everyone shouting out the different words. It was very simple to learn.



Some of the questions were kind of hard, like name famous people or name countries and they were hard to think of because I don't know very many.



Everytime you play it, it is different, even if you play with the same people. I like that you have to race to answer a word that fits the criteria and it is really funny to hear the different answers that people give (some that make no sense since they are rushing). You don't need to play only with kids your own age, because really it is a race and you mostly use small words that everyone knows. As well, you don't need to know how to spell perfectly in order to play . It is soooooooo fun to play.


Stacey F.


I was expecting more of an educational game that had kids spelling words. This was a game that had kids thinking of words, but it was not particularly challenging, even for my five year old. Some of the questions, however, were too challenging for my 8 year old (ie. name a famous person - she doesn't know many names for that one!). The positives were that it only requires two players, the rules are easy to follow, and the game can be played in less than 20 minutes

Golda W.


The game gives us a different way to play with words. It's a game that is best is all players are similar ages/skill levels, as a more advanced player can easily win almost all the cards!

Joyce S.


This was fast paced, loud as the players all shouted out the answers and overall a lot of fun. It worked with a range of ages (from 9-16)and the game didn't take very long. It was easy to learn and just plain fun. Both my girls (11, 14) enjoyed playing. They even played with their grandfather.

Rebecca Y.

What a laugh we had with this game! We played with lots of family members, all different ages (8-15 & adluts), and we had such a great time. Some of the challenges made you think, others were easier but it had us all up and screaming out answers. We had to come up with a way to tell who was the first to shout out an answer since everyone just shouted right away. Also, if you play a lot, you end up reusing the same words over and over, so we played that if a word was used, you couldn't reuse it in the same game. There were also a lot of repetitive questions, so we chose to skip those questions.


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May the brightest bee prevail! Welcome to the buzzing world of Speedeebee!

Are you the speediest bee in the hive?

Then join in the fun with this ultimate word game! With 150 fun challenges and four alphabet dice, players race to find words containing or excluding the letters shown on the dice.The variety of creative challenges and dice combinations makes Speedeebee excitingly different every time you play.

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