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The ultimate eye-spy card game! This is a very unique deck of cards. For each of the 55 cards in the deck, there is always exactly one - and only one - matching picture with any other card in the deck. It's an excellent design that lends itself to some interesting games - 4 variations are suggested. The basic game has each player simultaneously trying to find the picture matching picture that links his face up card to the center pile, before another player makes their own match. Another favourite, Hot Potato, has players simultaneously making matches with other player's cards - a successful match lets you get rid of your card by giving it to that player, who now has two cards to get rid of. The idea is to make certain you aren't the last player holding a card. A very clever little deck of cards. Note:One family noted how useful the game is for learning vocabulary in a second language. Great for French immersion students!




I like that there are different games that you can play. Each game is very fun. I like that there is a variety of different pictures so it makes the games more exciting.



I like that they give you many different games. I like all the games but when you play hot potato only the last round matters (but it is still fun to play). The pictures on the cards are funny. I find that it is better when you play with three or four players.



My favourite way to play is the Poisoned Gift where you have to give someone else all the cards. It's so funny! I like searching for the matches myself.



I love this game! The container it comes in is really cute and cool! I love that there are 4 ways to play. It's an easy game to play and quick too.



It's an amusing game. It can be a little difficult sometimes, you look really hard to find something to match and even though I know there are 2 things the same I just can't see it, then my mom will point me to one of the pictures and it was right there, under my nose! That can be fun and frustrating at the same time. I can learn words in another language when we play the game, if I don't know the word, I just put my hand on the card in middle then I show it to my mom and she will tell me what the word is. I learnt quite a bit of new words like that.



I like the game, I learned a lot of words. I can find the same object really fast, I am good at that.


Rebecca Y.


We took this game to a dinner and played it with a really large group of kids (about 10 kids, ages 6-14) and it was such a hit. There was so much excitement in the room! Then a few 5 year olds got hold of it and wouldn't give it back. Such a novel idea of a game! I've already bought a few as birthday presents.

Joyce S.


We enjoyed playing this one.  The pictures on the cards are cute and it is fun trying to be the first to spot matching items.  I like that there are various variations of the games.  The games don't take to long so it is also good if you don't have a long time to play.

Scott M.


This game is not popular with our family. There are 4 different sets of rules for different ways to play the game but none of the versions appealed to us. It comes in a nice case.

Marie-Lise H.


Great toy to bring on a trip. I was not afraid of breaking the box, it's made of tin and is easily packed. Any aged child can play. There was even a round with the grandparents.


Manufacturer Description

A card game consisting of 55 cards, each decorated with 8 symbols. There are more than 50 difference symbols in all. One - and only one - matching symbol exists between any two cards. Get ready to Spot it! A sharp eye and a little bit of speed is all it takes to play the 4 quick party games included in the tin. All players play simultaneously, and no matter which mini game you're playing, the goal is always to be the fastest player to spot the matching symbol between the two cards and call it out.

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