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Spot It! NHL Edition

Blue Orange Games

Age: 7 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $15.99

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A fun game. It is just like the original spot it but cooler because it has hockey stuff on it.



It is a really good game and it is a fun game to play becuase there is lots of different ways to play and you can make up your own rules (we played War). I would say it's a great game.



I like this game! I love hockey and I win often. I"m very quick at finding matches.



I love hockey and finally a card game has it on! my favorite game version is when we all have 1 card in our hands and when we find a matching picture we slap our card on the another person's hand, who ever has all the cards gets eliminated. It's really exciting to play.



I love watching mommy trying to find the pictures and I love trying to find my match faster. I really like hockey and I like this game.



I have played this game before, but not the hockey one. I played it with a friend and it was just random pictures (not theme related). I like this one, but it is harder because I don't know hockey very well. I like hockey, but don't know all the teams and their symbols. So, you should play this one with a friend who doesn't know hockey so well because then it's more fair.



I love hockey and it was fun to play with the cards. I liked it when i would hold the card in my hand and we would say : 1-2-3 go! and find a quick match. I am very good1 I win a lot!!



If you know the teams, then it is really easy to play becuase you are super fast at being able to spot the teams and their logos. But, if you don't know or play hockey, and are playing with someone who does, then that hockey person will be able to spot the hockey signs so much faster than you. It's really easy to take with you (we brought it to the cottage) and you could fit it in your pocket/jacket and there is 5 different ways to play. Each game is pretty fast to play, but it does get kinda boring after about 20 minutes.


Julianne B.


This was a fun game to play. My kids enjoyed playing it and beating me at it just about everytime. I love the fact that this game comes in a nice small tin can that is very portable and takes up very little space. I also liked that there are a number different options for how you play the. The website for this game is very good. They have videos showing how to play the game and also pdfs of the game instructions.

Kim M.


An easy to learn, portable and fun on-to-go game.

Jennifer K.


I really cannot say enough about this game. I find it to be absolutely amazing! Maybe I'm just slow at spotting things, but I find that the game challenges both me and my son (M 6 1/2). I really love the fact that this "spot it" game is the NHL edition, as this is a huge interest for my son (M 6 1/2) and he loves trying to find the matches and trying to remember the names of all of the teams. So far we have only played two versions of the game, and my son (M 6 1/2) is looking forward to playing other versions as well (I believe there are rules for six differnt versions of the game)

Marie-Lise H.

My boys ( 8 & 10 ) have played with this spot it game much more than all the other ones, and the only reason they love it so much is the theme..Hockey; it makes a big difference compaired with just regular spot it games, even the colors on the box draws them in. I don't know anything about hockey but it is a good way to learn to recognise the team names.


Manufacturer Description

Official NHL licenced game based. Match any NHL team logos and hockey related images between any two cards. There is one, and only one, matching images. Comes in an attractive round tin with embossed NHL offical logo with 55 glossy cards. 5 mini party games for hockey fans. Sharpens cognitive skills in a fun hockey atomosphere.

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