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Sprig Toys Soarin' Sea Plane

Sprig Toys, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.95

MSRP (USD): $24.95


Julianne B.


This is a beautiful looking toy. I love the way it smells too!  The woodchip smell is great.  I like the fact that it is made from reclaimed plastic and recycled wood. 

My daughter didn't share my enthusiaism for the toy.  It bothered her that the little figure didn't have any eyes and that the sea plane would not float in the bathtub.

Jo M.


Connor, Kierra and Hailee all enjoy playing with this float plane in the bath. The kids fly it around in the bath with the man sitting in the drivers seat and the pelican on the wing. The plane doesn't float above the water but that doesn't seem to bother the kids. I like that it was so easy to get out of the box. I didn't need any tools and there was no excess garbage. The added bonus is that the kids don't have to wait forever for it to be untangled from the box. It is great that it environmental friendly and is made from recycled sawdust and plastics.


Manufacturer Description


Made of Sprigwood™, a Canadian engineered biocomposite manufactured of wood sawdust and recycled plastic food containers, this float plane is ready to soar with an adventure guide character, Pelican Pete sidekick and accessories. Eco friendly recycled materials are good for the planet, too.

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