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Spy Tag


Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $16.99

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This fun and frantic board game version of Hot Potato and Tag all rolled into one game was an immediate and huge hit with our testers. To play, the 'IT' player randomly draws an agent ID tile and uses it to tag another player, who then draws a new tile to tag another player on so on - all while the ticker ticks down the seconds before it goes off and catches the player who is currectly 'IT'. Great fun, but the initial excitement for this game did seem to wear off after only a few weeks, perhaps due in part to the sheer simpicity of the game. Still a great game, even if only played occasionlly rather than daily.




I like spy tag because it has the timer and it makes it so much fun and exciting. You feel like you have to be really quick because you don't want the timer to go off and then you have to pick a briefcase tile and you might lose. It is harder when more people play because you have to look in more places to try and match the spies with their agent cards. This is a good and fun game to play. But, it gets kind of boring after a while. I wish there was more levels to this. To make the game go faster, we sometimes take out some of the briefcase tiles so that there is a winner faster.



I like this game a lot. I love the part with the bomb and timer. I like that we have to pick up the cards so fast without getting caught with the bomb and exploding.



I really liked this game. It was so fun. I like the timer because you never know when it is going to go off and then you really want to hurry. I like that the oldest person goes first because it's always my Mom and then she's the "it" person. It is fast!



I love the part with the bomb and timer. I like that we have to pick up the cards so fast without getting caught with the bomb and exploding.


Kim M.


A cute game of matching and memory that comes with a timer to get all the game players excited. Although it only has one level of difficulty, this game has sustained play value in our house.

Wendy K.

This game is fun, but a little too simple and actually better for my 3 year old than my 5 year old. It was a lot of fun at first for both my kids (M3, M5), but after playing it a couple of times the first week, there was not much interest to play it again.

Mitchell M.

Fast, quick game. Colourful and fun pictures. The timer definitely adds more fun and competition to the game. When you play with four players, you continually run out of cards before the game is over and have to keep re-shuffling, which is ok but slows the game down.

Julie J.

A fun fast-paced game for all of us to enjoy. Our kids (ages 6 and 8) were VERY excited to open this game up. The girls asked the neighbours to play along with them (M9, F10) and away they went. The 4 kids were able to easily understand the instructions and quickly jumped into their first round. I heard them shouting and screaming for over an hour the first time they played. I asked why all the shouting and they told me the game "stresses them out". I think the anticipation of when the buzzer goes off makes them anxious/wound up/excited and generates all of the excitement for them, and they asked to play it daily the the first week of testing. A very easy game to play. Still enjoyed, but I the leng term longevity as it is a very simple game, no room to grow along with the game.


Manufacturer Description

The high-speed spot-the-spies game! Spy Tag – you’re IT! It’s a high-speed race to spot the spies and tag them before time’s up! Take turns drawing spy cards and slapping them on the matching agent cards laid out in front of your teammates … get caught with a match when the timer goes off and draw a card from the secret attaché pile. If the card is empty, you’re safe – for now! – but get the stolen gizmo and you’re a goner. 

How to Play:

1. Deal an even number of agent files to all players (masterminds). Players lay their agent files in front of them, face up, and set the timer.

2. The first mastermind draws a spy card from the pile, scans the other player’s agent files for the matching card, and slaps the spy card on top.

3. The mastermind who just got slapped is next to pull a spy card. Play continues until the timer goes off.

4. The player with a spy card covering one of their agent files when the timer goes off must pull a card from the secret attaché. If it’s empty, the player is safe. If the card shows the stolen gizmo, that player is out and play continues until there’s just one spy standing – the winner!

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  • 48 Spy Tiles