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Age: 10 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $15.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

A cute introduction to card battling games. In this version, game play is appropriately simplified - no complex drafting of your deck before the game, just random hands to play. We love the googly eye hit counters and the fun sense of humour, especially the quirky commentary that so aptly suits the off-the-wall characters and their odd-ball abilities - like “Root Awakening” for Miss Turnip, where she does +3 damage the first time she attacks, or Princess Cheese Doodles’ “Damage Fondue” which allows the player to rearrange the damage on their cards. Parents love that this is a self-contained game – no need to buy additional card packs.




The idea of the game is very fun. It’s different then other games I’ve played before. I liked that there were lots of different characters and they were well drawn. The game was easy to setup and put away. I liked the silliness of the cards and the rules. The pictures and the battle cries were fun and silly. I like the idea that the cards are on a playing area together to do a battle. It was easy to learn the basics of the game but hard to learn all the details. There were so many cards and it was tough to keep track of all the rules. Having 5 cards out at a time for each player makes it hard to keep track of all the different rules for each card. It would be easier if you could have only 3 cards out per player.


Manufacturer Description

The Card Game of Brawling Beasties. Enter The Squirmish, a ridiculous rumble where creatures clash and only the strangest survive! Draft an odd-squad of warriors with names like Kittyclops, Pompaduck, and Killgor the Conqueror. Then position them into the melee and roll to attack. Each of seventy scrappers has its own preposterous powers, so you'll need strategy - and a bit of luck - to survive! Knock out the competition and become the beastie boss! Reinforces: probability; strategic thinking. NOTE About the Game: Squirmish represents a couple of GAmewright firsts for us - it's the first game we've published where the inventor is also its illustrator. It's also our first entry in the "card battling" arena. What makes Squirmish stand apart from the crowd is its unabashed sense of humor. From the cartoonish cast of characters, to their odd-ball abilities, to rules like “shout a battle cry for extra points”, illustrator Steven Stwalley created a game that oozes with the rare one-two punch of silliness and sophistication. The more you get to know the characters, the more you’ll want to come back for another round!

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  • 70 cards

  • 40 hit counters

  • 4 custom dice

  • Rules of Play