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STAR WARS Jedi Force PLAYSKOOL HEROES Vehicles (32981 Assortment)

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Our testers loved that these figures and vehicles are built tough for lots of play, Great for any child who enjoys space-themed vehicle play - and of course, they're especially fun for Star Wars fans. Our testers have the Snow Speeder, which fits a figure in the cockpit and has a couple of opening exterior hatches. And, when not being flown in a child's hand, the Speeder also rolls nicely across smooth surfaces. NOTE: Despite packaging that says "working harpoon & tow cable!", our testing families could see no "launching" mechanism (other than a child flicking it with a finger). 




I didn't really play with this one. I thought it was boring. I rolled it around but couldn't even shoot with it. Doors open and the men go in, that's it.



I like that I can fly around or like Star Wars , have a big fight!  I like having a ot of StarWars spaceship it makes for a better battle. 


Jo M.


The girls (ages 5 and 3) really love playing with the Jedi Force Snowspeeder but even more so the little characters that came with it....Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. They put the characters in the ship and pretended to fly it around or driving since it also has wheels. Most of the play has been with the characters rather than the ship. They like to play with the tow cable that is attached. My son(age 7) is a fan of Star Wars and didn't show much interest in the vehicle but likes to play with the characters.

Mireille S.


I didn't find this one to be a big hit in our house. It didn't do very much, and it kept coming apart. That, along with the fact that my 5 year old wasn't very familiar with Star Wars to start with, made this one stay in the toy box.

Marie-Lise H.


tough spaceship, great as a stand alone and wonderful with the rest of the Star Wars line.  It's nice to have Star Wars toys that I am not afraid will break as they are made for younger kids to play with and not just to have as a collection.


Manufacturer Description

SNOWSPEEDER with LUKE SKYWALKER and HAN SOLO (#32982) - Skim across the surface of Hoth in a snowspeeder flown by two of the best pilots in the galaxy. This particularly nimble vehicle was used in one of the Rebel Alliance’s biggest victories against the evil Empire.

Your favorite Star Wars heroes don’t rely on strength and skill alone – their masterful tactical maneuvering under pressure sparks the idea to trip up the enemy with a harpoon and tow cable as they dip and twist over the icy terrain.

Which hero will pilot your ship on this critical mission? Crack open the cockpit door and slip your pilot inside, then get the action going with the SNOWSPEEDER vehicle’s rolling wheels. As you whip across the frozen land, stand guard for enemy fighters – and prepare to take them down. Harpoon or tow cable – they’ll never anticipate what you have in store. SNOWSPEEDER vehicle comes with working harpoon and tow cable, 2 action figures and weapon accessories.

Anakin Skywalker's JEDI STARFIGHTER with R2-D2 (#32983) - R2-D2 uses his extraordinarily detailed memory banks to help Anakin Skywalker navigate the stars. The pair’s love for exploration and adventure has led them on journeys to every corner of the galaxy!

Put yourself into the Star Wars action with Anakin Skywalker’s JEDI STARFIGHTER vehicle! Put the included Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2 figures in the cockpit and get ready to "blast off!" The vehicle has rolling wheels and a launching torpedo that fires when you push on the R2-D2 figure in the cockpit! What Jedi adventures will you come up with next? With Anakin Skywalker’s JEDI STARFIGHTER, the galaxy’s the limit! Vehicle comes with 2 figures and launching torpedo.

Model Number

32981 Asst.

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