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Star Wars Science The Force™ Glove

Uncle Milton

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $16.99

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I was so dissapointed. The toy sounded so much fun but it turns out that it was not so great. The lighsaver is way too small.



This toy looked cool when I first got it, but then I didn't really play with it much because it was boring and didn't work very well. I LOVE star wars, but I didn't like this glove



This is the best glove I have ever had! I can use the force and attract things to me. I can be like a Jedi and make things come to me. Sebastien ( 10 ) says it's only a magnet but I know what it is really... The Force!



I didn't like it too much, I wanted a much stronger magnet so I could move a lot bigger things. My little brother Kaï ( 8 ) really liked it, I think it's more suited for him.


Marie-Lise H.

This is a perfect for my 8 yr old son, with a great imagination. He loves Star Wars and the glove was a fun way to experience the "force" Now he knows it's just a magnet and not the strongest one around but it did send him around the house looking for things to move. He learned a lot about magnets through experimentation. My 10 yr old son looked at it and wasn't interested in it at all, but Kaï loved it and he was hilarious going around and having the glove out concentrating and trying to make objects move with his mind, and if they did he was overjoyed and said: see I'm a Jedi!

Laura V.


He was so excited when we opened up the box. Unfortunately it was not as much fun as he expected

Mike R.

The kid in me wanted to like this toy, but it was a disappointment (oh ya, for my kids too ;D). The glove itself is of decent quality and sized right for kids. It has a dual-magnet in the palm that can be flipped to do pulls or pushes. The magnets are of decent strength, but not really enough to pull or push at any decent distance. The 'objects' to be pushed are perhaps the biggest disappointment. They are just cardboard cutouts that get put into a base. The problem is that the base tends to flip over, reversing the magnetic push. It frustrated my son. The "science" aspect of it amounted to a printed sheet with some magnetic info and facts, which my son (6) hasn't shown an interest in. He went through a transformation from loving this toy initially to really not caring for it. While the glove itself was nice-fitting, the magnet is weak and accompanying pieces cheap. It is also fairly finicky to use. I would definitely not recommend this toy.


Manufacturer Description

Harness the power of the Force, like Anakin Skywalker, to push away a Droid and pull in the Lightsaber. Do you have the power to control the Force?

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Product SKU: 15106

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  • Includes 2 FORCE TARGETS!