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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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It's big and transforms into four different models. It's a pretty complex transformation, too difficult for most of our kid-testers who preferred to play with it in Darth Vader form. Parents didn't like that it also has lots of lost pieces which were easily misplaced. 




I like how this transformer transforms into Darth Vader. I liked listening to his spooky voice. My friend Tyler said 'this is awesome'. He likes coming over to my house to play with it. We play Star Wars and take turns using it.



I don"t change it to the starship much, I leave it at Darth vader it not easy to change it to the ship and I am afraid I am going to break it.  I really like the red lightsaber and it's more fun to have Darth Vader so he can have fights.



It is really cool. It is hard to transform. I like Darth's Vader better!


Liz H.


My son did enjoy this transformer; however, probably not as much as similar products. He tended to mainly play with it in its Darth Vader configuration. I think there may have been too many pieces involved with this toy and this may have deterred him from transforming it into the other vehicles/forms. He did enjoy how the eyes lit up and the 'voice'.

Jennifer S.


I really think a lot of boys will like this toy but my son just wasn't interested.  He loves almost anything that involves the  Star Wars theme but apparantly not with Transformers.  Perhaps he is also a little young, almost 6, to have the patience to figure out the different vehicles and figurines that this can transform into.  John doesn't give me a logical reason why he didn't play with this a lot - he just didn't.  That being said, all of the boys he had over to play, within a similar age range (6ish) were quite interested in playing with it.

Stacie C.


It transforms between 4 different objects, two characters and 2 spaceships. I am not very adept at the transformations and was glad for the step by step instructions. It has been fun to play with, the girls like the lightsabers and the recorded messages. Jill has been twisting and pulling at the various pieces to transfrom it and the toy has been able to handle it all so far.

Marie-Lise H.

It is very hard to keep the pieces together. Kaï (M7) has started leaving it at Darth Vader so that he can use the lightsaber. My older son (9) twisted a few of the pieces, but he was not really interested. Considering the price of the toy I am not seeing a big play value. Maybe because it does not resemble much either characters from the different franchises.


Manufacturer Description

Anakin Skywalker flies his Jedi Cruiser into battle and uses the Force to convert the ship to a powerful Jedi mech. Drawn to the dark side, Anakin morphs into Darth Vader and changes his cruiser into a Star Destroyer that can become a menacing Sith mech. But the Jedi still remains – can he be converted back to the light side?

This awesome 4-in-1 TRANSFORMER figure has 2 vehicle modes and 2 robot modes for the ultimate in Star Wars to TRANSFORMER action! Convert your DARTH VADER figure from his robot mode to STAR DESTROYER vehicle mode and back again! Will DARTH VADER be able to come back from the dark side? If you decide he does, the ANAKIN SKYWALKER figure converts from robot mode to JEDI CRUISER vehicle mode! Launching projectiles, battle weapons, lights and sounds make the action more intense! Includes 4-in-1 figure

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